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Is it possible to buy a Vivienne Westwood dress in a size 16/18?

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headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 13:02:34

Or something similar? I love all the corsetry and gathered material she does in her frocks, which I think are probably quite flattering on an hourglass figure (think 38FF boobs, 30in waist and 45in hips) but on the sites I've looked at they are all in pretty small sizes. Is there someone who maybe does something similar?

Shhhh Thu 17-Mar-11 14:37:49

Im not 100% sure, but didn't places such as net a porter have VW dresses that were ideal for the curvier figure..? Im sure some mner's has bought dresses that were stretchy and v flattering for a curvy figure..So im assuming that the larger size woud fit..?

Emo76 Thu 17-Mar-11 16:30:31

there must be because Nigella Lawson is always wearing them and she's a 16 at least

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 16:44:43

She probably has them made or altered specifically for her... she's rich enough!

Pagwatch Thu 17-Mar-11 17:34:28

How close are you to the sizes . Because I have found vivienne west wood at least a size bigger than I usually wear .when I tried her stuff on cast I was a 12 and her 12 was huge.
It may be worth trying. She dies genuinely seem to want to dress curves.

lilaloves Thu 17-Mar-11 17:44:27

Im sure I have seen ruth jones(gavin&stacey) at some awards ceremony wearing a lovely black vw dress.

From what I remember it looked very structured but with a floaty/fluid overlay.

It look stunning on a curvy figure.

Shhhh Thu 17-Mar-11 18:45:39

i double what pagwatch says...

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 18:47:51

oooh pag you give me hope... I'm a high street 16, occasionally an 18 in the meaner cut clothes, so perhaps a VW 16 would fit me? It's a lot of money to splash out on a dress to find it doesn't fit.

TaudrieTattoo Thu 17-Mar-11 18:49:04

Love love love Viv.

Only designer I can wear.

Designs for women, not twigs.

Depends on the style IME.

minipie Thu 17-Mar-11 18:56:01

this page has VW which come in XL/XXl (equiv to 16 and 18)

no corsetry, though, as this is the cheaper range.

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 19:16:38

I had checked out net a porter minipie, they didn't have the dress I particularly like... this one

It's sold out on my wardrobe..... boo hoo!

CaptainNancy Thu 17-Mar-11 19:41:33

Ooh... I linked to that to wear as a wedding outfit- it is lush isn't it.

VW do come up big, definitely!

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 20:02:15

did you? it is sooo nice. I've never owned a proper designer dress before but that one I want <stamps foot> just got to find it in the right size now.

BelligerentGhoul Thu 17-Mar-11 20:03:06

I've found that the skirts and jersey stuff are pretty true to size but the shaped dresses come up v big across the back and shoulders.

jonicomelately Thu 17-Mar-11 20:05:45

I've two VW dresses. Both medium I think and they are generous on me. I'm quite curvy. You will find something that fits you and flatters you.

brimfull Thu 17-Mar-11 20:10:59

headfairy -do you think that dress would suit your boobs. I am same size and I probably wouldn't even look at that style cos of the pufy detail on the chest

SarkyLady Thu 17-Mar-11 20:21:46

Where is good to try on vw dresses?

I fancy a shopping trip...

jonicomelately Thu 17-Mar-11 20:23:34

Where are you SarkyLady? I only know the shops up North.

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 20:33:34

ggirl, that is my one doubt about it. I do need to try it on I know... I think it's low cut enough at the front, and hopefully the bow isn't too full on 1980's Monsoon pussy bow type.

BelligerentGhoul Thu 17-Mar-11 21:21:26


Or if you are in London - Liberty.

CaptainNancy Thu 17-Mar-11 21:29:41

Ahem... this one has no bow...

SarkyLady Thu 17-Mar-11 21:31:55

I work in London.

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 21:48:18

captainNancy I'm not so keen on the print on that one, but the cut is lovely. Wonder if it comes in a different colour?

BG I'm always a bit intimidated asking for large sizes in posh clothes... Would dearly love to go to Selfridges and try on. Might have to take my mum shopping with me and persuade her to buy me a couple of glasses of wine beforehand

headfairy Thu 17-Mar-11 21:52:56

oooh helloooo my pretty

(blue one third from left)

Or is that just too dull?

BelligerentGhoul Thu 17-Mar-11 21:53:38

I don't need to ask for large sizes but still feel intimidated trying things on in Selfridges because I'm a scruffy-little-mad-looking-creature and the assistants are always so polished and long of limb -BUT my thinking is that I if I can afford to buy it, then I have every right to try it on if I want to.

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