Want to help Mumsnet & Dreams create the perfect mattress? Join our sleep panel and you’ll receive the mattress once it’s made! NOW CLOSED

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 21-Dec-17 15:46:22

We are partnering with Dreams to create the perfect mattress for sleep deprived parents and parents to be. In order to do this we need 5 Mumsnetters to come along to the Dreams Bed Factory on Thursday 25th January to discuss what you believe would make a great mattress.

This is open to all UK Mumsnetters and once the mattress has been built all participants will be sent one to review and keep!

Here’s what Dreams have to say: “At Dreams, we understand the importance of a great night’s sleep. However, we also know that as a new, or soon to be, parent this can feel impossible. That’s why we’re so excited to be working with the Mumsnet community to develop a mattress specially designed to meet your needs and help you get the sleep you deserve.”

Here’s more information about the sleep panel day at the Dreams Bed Factory and what we would require participants to do:

- The sleep panel day will take place on Thursday 25th January in Oldbury, Birmingham
- We will cover travel costs for all participants up to £50
- The day will take place between 9am and 4pm and lunch will be provided
- The day will consist of a tour of the Dreams factory and store and a couple of focus group sessions
- The day will be filmed by Dreams so participants will need to be happy to be filmed
- Each participant will receive the Dreams/Mumsnet mattress a few weeks after the sleep panel day (the mattress will be either double, kingsize or super kingsize and will be delivered to your house)
- We would need you to test out the mattress for a month and then leave your feedback on a thread on site

If you are interested in taking part, please click here to sign up. We will be in touch with those selected the first week of January.



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mullmepopcorn Fri 22-Dec-17 14:12:12

What about old parents? I've done my time with sleepless nights with the babies, but they are 21 and q7 now! It's more about hormones and stress these days!

elfieonshelfie Sat 23-Dec-17 15:41:16

Comfy and warm! I would like how I imagine a cloud would feel if you could lie on that.... also a built in nose pincher for husband that reacts on sound for when he starts snoring!

Clankboing Sun 24-Dec-17 11:33:52

After having had 4 children and various related accidents, I now have lower back and shoulder pain. Firm mattresses are good fir back pain but no good for sleep. I like medium firmness mattresses but they have to be quite strong as my youngest son likes to do gymnastics on our bed. He has broken two of our mattresses already. They are wonky. I guess that he has bashed up the springs. Is it possible to have a mattress that is of medium firmness with no interior springs? The mattress also needs to stay cool, as you add warmth with blankets but you can't get a warm mattress to get cooler. As a lady reaches a certain age, this becomes even more important!

mullmepopcorn Sun 24-Dec-17 12:20:03

I'm with you, clankboing. I could sleep in a bench when I had small children, it's now that the aches and pains and thermostat issues are kicking in!

VanillaMcFly Mon 25-Dec-17 22:11:39

My magic mattress would not just warm up when it's cold outside but cool down when it's too warm- does such a thing already exist? Can it be done? I've had ongoing muscoskeletal issues and haven't slept well in years. I'd love to be part of the focus group- please pick meeeeeeeee!

BumWad Tue 26-Dec-17 10:42:01

What happens with the filmed focus group? Is it going to be aired? On any publications?

NewtScamandersNaughtyNiffler Tue 26-Dec-17 14:56:13

I need a mattress with some kind of anti snore technology for DP and springs that don't jab into every part of my body when I move 😂

JoCar72 Wed 27-Dec-17 12:14:45

You know that nursery rhyme 'There were ten in the bed. And the little one said, "Roll over! Roll over!'?...welcome to my world ;)

jobergamot Thu 28-Dec-17 11:33:28

Oooh; signed up.... pick me please! grin

unicornmummy Fri 29-Dec-17 06:53:54

Am hoping to win this. Am suffering with insomnia atm.

Athome77 Fri 29-Dec-17 17:35:32

There’s already a perfect mattress simba.

Soubriquet Fri 29-Dec-17 18:16:28

I've signed up

Anything to make a sleep comfy at night time

BIWI Fri 29-Dec-17 19:59:45

We are partnering with Dreams to create the perfect mattress for sleep deprived parents and parents to be

So sleep isn't important for any parent beyond this stage in life hmm

gingergenius Sat 30-Dec-17 10:06:52

I have struggled to find the perfect mattress and it's my life's mission now! I'm in!!!!

malisa Sat 30-Dec-17 15:13:28

Wow! This could be solution to my sleepless nights. I've signed up.

Jojoanna Sun 31-Dec-17 06:29:47

How ridiculous sleep is important to all age groups especially now I'm old with a bad back

TheIblisHasspoken Mon 01-Jan-18 08:19:16

I've signed up, I have been searching for mattress that supports me at 5'7 and my DH at 6'5, something that stays still when he moves, I don't think it's been invented!! Plus something that's comfortable to BF on without getting a dead leg/sore hips/bad back and have the bigger kids snuggle up too!!! This mattress would be the holy grail!

Bechetdiagnosed Mon 01-Jan-18 20:25:09

I’ve signed up!! Hope I fetnoycked. We are desperate to find a mattress to suit our orthopaedic needs 🤞🏻

TheImprobableGirl Wed 10-Jan-18 16:53:54


I've received an e-mail today from Emma @ Mumsnet, insight manager, saying that I was lucky enough to be picked for this, and that I need to confirm by 4pm tomorrow - I am absolutely free to attend on the day, happy with all the terms and conditions and really excited about being part of the panel. I have replied to both the e-mail and text message, but wanted to make sure that you all knew that I will be on my way!

If you could possibly let me know that I haven't missed the cut off time, as I am panicking as I missed the original e-mail!

Thanks grin gin

VanillaMcFly Wed 10-Jan-18 18:37:01

I wasn't picked :/ spent ages on that form :/

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