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How do you give your children more independence whilst keeping them safe? Share with Vodafone - £200 voucher to be won

41 kathcake21 12/06/21 13:08

NOW CLOSED: Share with BT how you would help (or have helped) your mum, MIL or gran get online this Mother’s Day. You could win an iPad, worth £329!

149 nickschick 20/03/12 13:12

Do you have a baby who is younger than 3 months of age? Take part in a research study on food allergies and help find a way to prevent them.

23 DerbysKangaskhan 20/03/12 09:51

NOW CLOSED: Talk to Oxfam about how you’re planning to “Get Together” for International Women’s day or help spread the word and you could win £100 Amazon voucher

52 AnnMumsnet 12/03/12 11:31

NOW CLOSED If your child(ren) could cook or prepare you anything on Mother's Day, what would it be? Share your favourite child-friendly recipes with and win a £250 online shopping voucher

117 Snakeonaplane 06/03/12 17:44

NOW CLOSED Share your family days out experiences with Disney On Ice and win a £250 Amazon voucher

140 KatieBMumsnet 21/02/12 09:58

NOW CLOSED Share your thoughts on eating your 5-a-day with innocent and win a £150 Amazon voucher

242 telsa 04/02/12 18:14

NOW CLOSED Tell Cathedral City's Chedds your top tips for fussy eaters and win a £100 Space NK voucher!

105 ProfessorFig… 30/01/12 13:53

sponsor me! 10p a post

3 southeastastra 26/01/12 21:36

NOW CLOSED: Please come and watch the Plan UK video – and get the chance to win a £100 Amazon voucher (it takes less than 3 mins...)

72 AnnMumsnet 10/01/12 16:11

Talk to us about Home Exchanges......whether you've done one or not

77 LindaAS 09/01/12 20:59

NOW CLOSED: Share with Kleenex your favourite websites and apps - you could win JL vouchers

113 HavePatience 03/01/12 19:42

NOW CLOSED Check out "Give as you Live" shopping website and win a £500 donation to a charity of your choice

56 latrucha 13/12/11 12:12

Are you a lawyer or married to a lawyer?

9 Acanthus 09/12/11 11:33

NOW CLOSED: Talk to Plan UK about child sponsorship - you could win a £100 Amazon voucher

63 AnnMumsnet 25/11/11 11:52

NOW CLOSED Are you a record breaker? Tell Guinness World Records about your own record and win a £250 voucher

80 purpleknittingmum 22/11/11 19:11

NOW CLOSED Travelled through Heathrow recently with your family? How was it for you? If not, do tell us what you think about families and airports - £500 of vouchers up for grabs

98 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 03/11/11 11:06

NOW CLOSED We Need to Talk about Kevin - tell the film makers your views on the topics it raises (spoiler alert) - a £200 Amazon voucher to be won

133 Kiwismum 02/11/11 14:41

NOW CLOSED Please come and tell Cathedral City's Chedds your best winter-afternoon child-wrangling tips – you could win a Nintendo DS

97 Triggles 27/10/11 14:03

NOW CLOSED: Do you have a DD aged 8-14? Have you had a chat about periods? Are you about to? Please share your tips here - you could win a £100 voucher

101 eaglewings 24/10/11 14:30

NOW CLOSED: Share your tips for soothing colds and flu this winter with Kleenex Balsam and you could win JL vouchers!

170 Saltire 21/10/11 10:30

NOW CLOSED: Tell us what you think about the new flexible working contract designed by O2 - you could win a £100 Amazon voucher

119 AnnMumsnet 19/10/11 14:15

NOW CLOSED: Try Prezola's shopping website - you could win a £500 JL voucher or a Waitrose Christmas hamper

103 VivaLeBeaver 13/10/11 18:16

NOW CLOSED: Do you give money to charity? Are you interested in discussing issues around sponsoring a child? We've been asked by Plan UK to find MNers willing to discuss this topic.

35 justaboutstillhere 29/09/11 13:20

NOW CLOSED: Tell Britax your favourite Buggy Friendly Places - you could win £100 of Love2Shop vouchers

131 bethelbeth 23/09/11 22:39

NOW CLOSED Tell Chedds, the new kids’ snacking cheese brand from Cathedral City, your top tips for lunchboxes and you could win a Chedds hamper worth £100

52 WhoWhoWhoWho 18/08/11 08:55

NOW CLOSED Come and tell us your best eggy recipe. You could win £100 in store vouchers

92 OneHundredPe… 12/08/11 10:34

NOW CLOSED Let's talk children and alcohol - how would you deal with these scenarios? Tell all and you could win a £250 Love2Shop voucher

109 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 03/08/11 13:28

Advertising Association and Let Children Be Children (Bailey Review) - your thoughts

22 KatieMumsnet 03/08/11 10:33

NOW CLOSED: Share your tips for getting children to eat their 5-a-day with Mumsnet and Innocent - you could win smoothies for you and your child's entire class

90 HipHopOpotomus 12/07/11 16:20

Calling all parents, teachers, relatives and friends of young people aged 11-18. AXA Ambition Awards entries now open - help spread the word.....

17 Mellowfruitfulness 16/06/11 20:57

NOW CLOSED: Win a £100 Argos voucher by telling Chad Valley your tips for toddler play

92 AnnMumsnet 31/05/11 12:59

NOW CLOSED: Tell Chad Valley your best children's party tips - you could win a £100 Argos voucher!

117 AnnMumsnet 03/05/11 11:11

NOW CLOSED: Tell us who's the messiest in your house (honest, now!) £100 IKEA vouchers up for grabs!

450 AnnMumsnet 27/04/11 09:45

ONS want to hear your views on 'well-being'

47 witchwithall… 04/04/11 10:34

NOW CLOSED: Tell Weetabix about breakfast in your house - you could win a £100 Sainsbury's voucher

258 Ossiesheep 31/03/11 23:18

NOW CLOSED: Talk to us about potatoes! What's your best potato based recipe? Share your top tatty tips to win a £100 Sainsbury voucher

140 smokinaces 30/03/11 20:35

NOW CLOSED: Share your family meal time stories and tips with Bisto – you could win a £250 Sainsbury voucher

152 zoewiz 25/03/11 20:40

NOW CLOSED: Fairy is 50! We want to know what you used to make from old Fairy bottles. Space rocket? Snowman? Tell us and you could win a year's supply of Fairy!

179 Figgyrolls 24/03/11 17:46

Do you cook with Philadelphia? Tell us your favourite Philly recipe for a chance to feature in their ad

60 mumtofourgirls 11/03/11 22:41

NOW FINISHED:Recipes and tips for cooking with cheese needed for the Lake District Cheese Company - cookery day worth £250 plus cheese to be won

103 AnnMumsnet 07/03/11 19:29

NOW CLOSED: Tell Sainsbury's your top tips for cooking on a budget - you could win £200 of Sainsbury's vouchers

144 JarethTheGoblinKing 25/01/11 12:22

Add your views on tonight's episode of "One Born Every Minute" (10 Jan, Ch 4, 9pm ) and you could win a £50 Amazon voucher

314 gingercat12 12/01/11 16:48

NOW CLOSED: Volunteer to watch "One Born Every Minute" in January and tell us what you think - you could get a £40 Amazon voucher

61 AnnMumsnet 10/01/11 19:49

NOW CLOSED:Bisto Aah Night want your top tips on how to enjoy family meal times - 2 x £100 hampers up for grabs, plus additional chance to win £1000

73 AnnMumsnet 10/01/11 09:44

NOW FINISHED: Help create PizzaExpress' Service Charter and have the chance to win £250 of PizzaExpress vouchers

364 Nickydoffay 19/10/10 13:36

NOW CLOSED: Post your tips on saving water, energy and waste for the Future Friendly 'Less Waste, More Reward' campaign and win £250 of vouchers and products.

67 AnnMumsnet 17/09/10 14:41

Please tell us your ideas for getting children to eat more fruit - you could win £250 in supermarket vouchers

244 DramaInPyjamas 14/09/10 21:02

Post your questions for Marco Pierre White and your turkey recipes

23 MrsTicklemouse 09/07/10 23:33

Tell us your top tips for surviving sleepovers and have the chance to win £100

118 GooseyLoosey 10/05/10 13:25

Florida grapefruit want your healthy eating tips and grapefruit recipes. There's £300 up for grabs (plus £100 for your child's school/nursery)

86 nannynick 02/05/10 10:30
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