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Cost of dyslexia assessment

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Slippersmum Fri 13-Mar-15 17:02:58

I am considering have a private dyslexia assessment undertaken on my Ds. I wondered how much I would expect to pay. Have seen a couple for £300. Is that a figure that sounds about right? Thanks

ArabellaRockerfella Fri 13-Mar-15 21:50:16

Who is that with?Am Ed Psych? That sounds quite cheap!

Zipitydooda Fri 13-Mar-15 22:12:46

We just paid £550 with an Ed Psyc. All the other quotes we got from Ed Psycs were £700+
We are in London.

JulieTurner Tue 17-Mar-15 22:35:33

I paid just under £400 and it was the best money I have ever spent. It was just the beginning of my fight to get my daughter the help she needed. I am writing a blog about our story, hoping it might help others. It is still a work in progress. Please have a look and share it with anyone you think might be interested. Thank you.

OneDecisionMade Mon 23-Mar-15 07:52:06

A PATOSS assessor (SpLD) will cost approx. £350-450. This is for a fully diagnostic assessment.
An assessment carried out by an Ed. Psych. will cost you approx. £500-750. An E.P.'s report is generally broader but far more shallow, in the specific areas related to dyslexic difficulties, than would be useful to you in practical terms. However, there are some fabulous E.P.s around - some of whom specialise in dyslexia and who therefore do include detail and recommendations that are of more use. Dr Lindsay Peer is fabulous. She is based in Watford.
When considering whether to go to an E.P. or SpLD (PATOSS) assessor, it is worth considering whether you'd like a broader view (E.P., as they'll have a good overview of the bigger picture and may notice other aspects of difficulty affecting a pupil) or whether you already have a strong hunch that dyslexia is what you're looking at and would like an in-depth analysis of which aspects in particular (dyslexic profile), how to help and the sort of recommendations relative to each aspect.

JonathanB Wed 01-Apr-15 13:54:08

Either an Ed. Psych or a Specialist teacher with an APC qualification can do a diagnostic report for your child.

As has been stated, it largely depends what you are wanting. If you just want a diagnosis then an Ed Psych is perfectly excellent.

If you want a diagnosis and a more specific profile for your child with specific recommendations for support at home and school then a APC is probably better.

Obviously EPs and APCs do vary and these are broad brushstrokes, so there will be more in depth EPs and more vague APCs!

Anything for 300-450 for an assessment by a specialist teacher with APC is normally good value, depending where you live. The tests they use simply cost a fortune and the time it takes (often 3hours or so for the testing, then 4-7 hours on the report even with a pro-forma) contribute to the cost.

Best thing to do would be try to get in touch with other parents at your child's school to see if they can recommend someone. Quite often communities have very active and caring assessors that will take the time to understand your child in their whole context.

SKINGSHDJRTUKRUYK Thu 29-Aug-19 15:10:19


yetanotherdiagnosis Thu 29-Aug-19 20:27:30

Contact the Helen Arkell centre in Godalmjing

artichaut27 Thu 29-Aug-19 21:18:36

It depends where you live and how thorough you want the report to be. Here in Devon we paid £420.

It's also worth asking what psychometric test the EP will be using. Most will use the WISC other use the BAS. Make sure they are using the most recent version of the test.

SKINGSHDJRTUKRUYK Thu 29-Aug-19 21:36:44

Thank you very much and last question what qualifications and test should we be looking for please ?
Really appreciate responses

Lara53 Tue 17-Sep-19 19:07:19

Dr Marlene Caplin in West Horsley is brilliant. Don’t use HElen Arkell as they will charge you more. Better to go on website and contact the Assessors directly - not all the HA assessors will be educational psychologists so depends if you want just a report about Dyslexia

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