Slimming world consultant, does it work?

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Pwhizz65 Wed 10-Aug-16 15:37:46

I am thinking of becoming a slimming world consultant and hear good and bad.

I have heard that its look of the draw, you pay out money for the franchise and then additional costs for training.
You then get “given” a group and if it’s a well-established group then you do OK, if you get to start a new group next to other well established groups then its very hard and a lot fail, however how much hard work you put in.

The you simply lose all your money and get forced out.

Just wondered what peoples experiences were?

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Lolodizzyone Fri 19-Aug-16 18:06:28

In my experience SW don't always treat Consultants as well as I would like. For instance they want you to be self employed but then treat you as an employee ie can close successful groups to new members on a whim and then post on Consultants site closed and an abrupt message! In a nutshell you have the disadvantage of being self employed whilst treated as an employee.
SW is to my mind only as good as the Consultant so SW should value their staff!
Will get off soap box now, good luck with whatever path you choose x

risaac Fri 19-Aug-16 18:37:38

Don't do it, you will be very sorry. I joined SW in 2015 as a consultant and paid my franchise fee of £1,500 I then took on another group this year and paid a further £700. I have recently been bullied by the district manager and team developer which has forced me to resign, which means that I stand to lose the franchise fee of £2,200. If your face doesn't fit, Slimming World treat the consultants like a piece of dirt.

Pwhizz65 Sat 20-Aug-16 20:40:52

All very interesting, I have also been told about a lot of consultants who if you work out how much time they put in are in effect earing very little, Slimming world take their percentage and consultants are left with very little profit after all the expenses, the groups become very friendly and the consultants find it hard to leave as they are selected for their caring personalities....... any body got any experiences on this?

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Sooverthis Sat 20-Aug-16 20:49:20

Very very rewarding, utterly shit management. Took me ten years to really get established and the money is still not that good for the hours I do. BUT I get to work fairly flexibly and more importantly get to help people transform their lives, health and happiness. You need to be part of a great team and contrary to previous posts you don't get given a group you get to choose whether to establish a group or take over one. You choose the venue day and can even argue the time. They won't tell you this but you can. It's better to start your own group rather than take one over, existing groups have been left for a reason not always true but a good rule of thumb. I would have earnt more working in ASDA over the whole ten years but I wouldn't give it up even if I won the lottery. I have around 200 members, one of the largest groups in my area and started with twelve so you can do it. And HO is amazing, totally amazing.

AlwaysTimeForWine Fri 26-Aug-16 23:23:21

I've had a good experience being a SW consultant. It's not easy at times and you really do have to be prepared to work hard and give it some proper effort (as with most things in life!)

But groups can be quite successful these days with less effort than when I started 8 years ago. I run 2 groups (each a double session) and have approx 300 members.
Both my groups are in towns where we have other SW groups over the road from ours and every night of the week - and we're not in a big city or anything. Just an average size town. I have never experienced anything but kindness and support from my fellow local consultants and we are a real 'team'; looking after each other, covering each other's groups and sending our members to each other if they can't make our group.

I have never heard of being forced out if your face doesn't fit. In fact I would say the opposite. I have been frustrated at SW accepting new consultants who really aren't suited to the job and then having to give them endles support while they crumble under the sometimes relentless pressure of the difficultly of taking sick days, the physicality of lugging all the stuff around, and their lack of empathy for members.

I've never experienced groups being closed on a whim - again I see the opposite. SW doing everything to keep a group open.

If I'm honest. It's not suited to everyone. And those people who haven't had a great experience from it were either unlucky, not suited to it, or generally a bit shit at it and not prepared to do things the SW way - not always easy and they do put pressure on you to run things a certain way - but I don't blame them - it's their reputation.

My advice would be to talk seriously and honestly, away from group, with your consultant (which is what I did). Ask for 'warts and all' honestly from them and take it from there. Go to the opportunity event and find out more, don't rush into it. I've seen many consultants come and go in my 8 years. And seen plenty return after leaving as they realised how flexible it is to fit around children, and how good the pay can be if you work hard!

Sorry for the long post!

ChefWhoSlims Thu 01-Sep-16 20:41:17

hi hun i recently went to a consultants meeting basically you get out what you put in. If you dont advertise your group or promote then obviously no members will show. for example in my area in one week a lady made £535 ish .. a group less than a mile down the road made something like £20.53 . . guess who didnt take the time to promote and advertise? smile

Pwhizz65 Thu 01-Sep-16 21:02:51

People have private messaged me with some very interesting stories, it appears it's luck of the draw. If you get a good area & put the work in as you say then yes it's good.

However if you have a poor area with other groups near (or even in the same venue different days) however much work you put in your at a disadvantage & it all seems very unfair when everyone pays the same for a franchise.

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Wearyandfeelingold Tue 25-Oct-16 17:17:06

I know this is an old post but just wondering if any of you can help. I have been doing Slimming World and I am thinking about being a consultant and wondered if you can tell me what the commission rates are like (Pm if you prefer). I think there is an opportunity event coming up soon but I don't want to go in case I feel pressurised into signing up etc.
I know lots of people have mixed opinions so just wondering if you have any advice.
Thank you all.

tabulahrasa Thu 27-Oct-16 14:17:14

Go to the event, they tell you that sort of stuff there and there's no pressure to sign up, there's options to leave a form saying you're interested now, you're interested but not just now and that you've decided it's not for you at all.

JMRH Tue 30-Jan-18 09:03:20

My advice!! Stay well clear! You will regret it. All this you get out what you put in is rubbish. I am a consultant and I know girls give there absolute everything and still not get the earning they promise you. It’s not 12 hours a week it’s constant 24/7 I do know girls who do really well but they have groups that span over a full day. It will cost £1509 for the franchise, then all the stationary, table cloths, hotels and travel! It’s around £2200 before you’ve even launched your group! I started with 18 members and 9 months later I’ve got 65 it takes time to build and you have to build relationships. I earn around 60-£110 a week depending on countdowns if no countdowns sold its the £60 and that’s not a lot barring in mind set up, group, pack up and mid week support.

My house is overrun with sw stuff i still have to attend a group and run my own tbh I am sick to the back teeth of SlimmingWorld and goin from a member who loved and adored sw for 4 years it’s quite sad. My honest advice get a real job yeah you won’t get flexibility but you’ll earn steadily let’s face it £5 a week around Nov and Dec is just pants

LynneM4 Thu 21-Mar-19 15:53:06

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InfiniteSheldon Sun 24-Mar-19 08:02:37

Well I posted on this thread years ago very interesting to read my post again, still a consultant, still love my job, still shit management wonder what Lynne's contribution was grin

Charlie169 Sat 12-Oct-19 16:32:13

Hi did you have to pay the start up fees all at once I’m thinking of becoming a consultant

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