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Slimming World online - which membership package to go for!

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sidsgranny Fri 02-Oct-15 14:44:22


Am considering joining Slimming World as an online member as I know that realistically I will struggle to get to meetings. I've just had a look at the 3 different membership types, bronze, silver and gold and am a bit confused as to which one to go for! The gold one is the only one that says you get a list of food and a body magic book whatever that is!

Is anyone an online member? If so, how are you finding it and which package are you on?


emmaluvseeyore Fri 02-Oct-15 15:51:33

I am an online member. I think I went for the silver package (is that the one where you get the magazine subscription?). All the food info is downloadable, so I haven't felt like I missed that.

I joined in April and have lost 15kg so far. I am doing it with my partner so we support each other, and have also got support through here. I haven't ever been to any of the groups as I am busy when they are all on locally, but I haven't felt I needed it!

sidsgranny Fri 02-Oct-15 16:13:40

Hi Emma

Thanks for replying. Wow 15kg is amazing in a such a short space of time! Well done you!! Do you want to lose much more?

i was thinking of the silver one too so I'd get the magazines!

emmaluvseeyore Fri 02-Oct-15 16:56:25

Still got a long way to go! I started off at 130kg and almost a size 26. I now fit into some of my old size 20 tops, but I have trouble with the arm sizes on a lot of clothes. My interim goal is to get down to 100kg, so I am half way there, but that isn't my final goal. I think I will be happy as a size 14, so not aiming to get down really slim. I think I will look weird slim!

MarvinKMooney Sat 03-Oct-15 07:29:05

When I signed up, I used a code I found in the SW mag to give me gold membership for roughly the cost of silver. I think the only difference is that you get the food list and body magic book with gold.

Running downstairs to get mag now ...

Ok, there's a code! Three months of gold membership for the price of silver. It includes full online access, 1 year mag subscription and the member books. Cost: £64.95.

Go to, choose the gold package and then use the code SWMAG120 when you get to the payment page. Offer expires 31st Oct.

MarvinKMooney Sat 03-Oct-15 07:31:11

Meant to say ... I did find it useful having the books as sometimes it is easier to pick up and flick through. The mag has been invaluable - really like the recipes.

sidsgranny Sat 03-Oct-15 08:28:11

Thank's Marvin, that's brilliant!

Lilac58 Sat 31-Oct-15 19:45:32

Hi, just saw this thread this evening, Thanks Marvin for the code. Got in just in time! Looking forward to coming here to help on this journey, it's going to be a long one.

MissDuke Sun 01-Nov-15 22:02:41

Just in case anyone is interested, there is a new code in the latest mag - SWMAG121 which is for exactly the same offer and expires on the 17th December.

I am debating signing up, would be great if those who just signed up could give feedback smile

runmum78 Thu 12-Nov-15 13:57:41

If you join online - do you receive the books online or do you actually get proper copies (like at the meeting?) as I was thinking of signing up for 3mths, but after that if you cancelled it after that you would loose all your info?

MarvinKMooney Thu 19-Nov-15 21:46:36

runmum - you get proper books, so they're yours to keep. The magazine subscription will keep going as well, as you effectively pay for a year's worth of mags up front.

If you cancel after three months, you'll lose access to the online recipes and all the weight logging / food logging tools. As far as the recipes are concerned, though, there are loads of blogs out there with sw-friendly recipes.

I've just reached my goal and will let my subscription expire in 3 months when it ends - I'll go it alone!

Enjolrass Sat 21-Nov-15 07:26:01

miss thanks for the code. I just signed up this morning.

But confused as it was all green and red when I did it years ago. That doesn't seem to exist anymore. Just going to check everything I eat until I get the hang of it

GeorgiaRose06 Mon 28-Dec-15 12:25:07

Hi there,

I really need and want to loose weight and slimming world seems to have the highest ratings.

I wont attend the meetings in my local area and the reviews about becoming a member online are awful.. As are the prices!

So i was wondering if anyone whi has done it/ is doing it..could pleaaaaaase explain to me how it works and what i have to do..

What i can eat
What i cant
How many syns am i allowed
What foods are syns
How often i should weigh myself

Would save me so much time and money and would rather hear it from someone i know it had worked for! Will be a great help!

Thank you so much in advance! xx

emmaluvseeyore Mon 28-Dec-15 13:45:03

I have to say that the online membership has worked for me. I still use the website at least once a week even though I've been doing it for 8 months. I personally think you are better off joining and getting all the info that way. You could join a group and get all the books etc and then never go again if you don't want to.

GeorgiaRose06 Mon 28-Dec-15 14:56:25

If i could go to the groups i would but unfortunatley i cant make the times due to work! Is it worth the money and will i understand it all abit more? Thank you for your reply!

fraggle84 Mon 28-Dec-15 15:19:25

There's a voucher in one of the magazines to join free you just pay the weekly £5 fee but you'd get the books then just don't go back?

I go to group n it's worth it but I'd do it alone with the book you get when you join then on Facebook there's a group called syns allowed which is super useful. Don't think I'd pay for the online membership

fraggle84 Mon 28-Dec-15 15:20:05

The first week in group you get a 30 min talk explaining it all

GeorgiaRose06 Mon 28-Dec-15 16:11:04

Thank you!

RideEmCowgirl Sun 03-Jan-16 08:43:56

Hi. I did attend meetings so I have the books already so I don't need Gold membership.

I would like the magazines as I buy them anyway so silver seems the better option at £65

However, if I stop after 3mths and so don't renew even though it says I have paid for the year magazine subscription, won't it cease too?

runmum78 Sun 03-Jan-16 09:31:35

If you use the voucher code in woman magazine WOMAN2016 you save £35 off online. So silver is £49 for 3 mths.

annie2029 Mon 30-May-16 21:31:17

I have just joined sw online but am a little confused...
I used to go to sw years ago when it was red and green books but know I'm confused on what free foods I can eat at the same time, for instance it used to be meat and fish on red then pasta and potatoes on green... so are you know allowed potatoes and meat at the same time in the same meal and is it all free?
I probably haven't read it properly but I have been looking all day and still no look so then I found this site.
thank you in advance

ChesterFuckingDraws Mon 30-May-16 22:49:58

Annie, yes you can eat any free foods together. So potato, dried pasta, eggs, chicken for example could all be eaten in the one meal so long As they were accompanied by "s" foods making up 1/3 of your plate.

Fuggers Tue 31-May-16 18:42:12

Hi does anyone have this weeks code for online please

harryhausen Tue 31-May-16 18:56:01

I'm an online member. Just rejoined.

I've been an on off SW member for years. I've been through red and green days, then got to grips with Extra easy. It's the only diet I've ever lost weight with - however I've never stuck to it for long or fully committed.

Now I'm the heaviest I've ever been and I need to do something. SW these days just seems like healthy eating to me with generous portions of you want.

I'm an online member as I've spent years at group sitting around listening to various women declaring they only ate salad last week but put on 12 pounds (or something of the like). My last group teacher just droned on and on and on. I haven't got time for that shit.

All the mum's at school go to the group next door for hours for a gossip and coffee etc. They don't even know I do SW.

My weightloss is private.

annie2029 Wed 01-Jun-16 21:25:07

Thanks ever so much for clearing that up for me.
Much appreciated
Annie x

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