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Sleepy tot baby comforter

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janeausten Wed 06-May-09 17:30:24

Hi all
Can anyone tell me if these are safe for a 4mth old or are could they smother a baby not yet moving around much or rolling over etc? Also, can anyone confirm if they helped with the dummy issue. With my dd I used to just put loads of them around the cot so she could always find one but IIRC she was about 10/11 mths old before she was able to do that. DS is only 4 months old and I think would love to suck his thumb and have tried not to give him a dummy in the cot at night but am at a loss now that his waking has regressed from 6.15/6.30ish in the morning to 5.20am last night and I've no idea how to settle him.
If I put one of these right beside him/on his chest with dummies attached, would it be safe?
Thanks for reading.
Back to work next week and dread 5.00am starts.

poopybaby Wed 06-May-09 18:11:05

Sorry no advice for you but would love to know at what age people have started to use the sleeptot, my DD loves her dummy and I think this would be helpful at nap time.

poopybaby Sat 09-May-09 10:53:41


anyone use this?

MomOrMum Sat 09-May-09 13:28:43

I just got one today and it says from 3 months on the back. My DS is 5 months next week. He had it at nap time today and seemed to like cuddling the bunny and chewing on the ears. Not able to consistently find the dummy and keep it in (it was his first go, gotta give the guy a chance!) but I can see that it won't be long before he could.

I am torn about using it because I have been trying to do the No Cry Sleep Solution of pulling out the dummy before he falls deeply asleep, and afraid that if he uses the Sleepytot he will end up sucking on the dummy all night. But maybe that is okay if he can find it himself?

poopybaby Sat 09-May-09 22:36:31

MomOrMum - Thanks, I might buy one then as my DD is quite addicted to her dummy and if she starts off with it early then maybe she can learn to find the dummy herself in time.

I know with my DD that pulling out the dummy before she falls deeply asleep will be a no go - I'm not even going to try!!!

MomOrMum Sun 10-May-09 21:52:07

Just an update that I put him down for a nap today with the Sleepytot and he played with it for a while, managed to find a dummy and get it in his gob, and then fell asleep. Unheard of! May have been a one-off, and he couldn't manage the same at bedtime, but I think this thing could really work!

poopybaby - I do the pulling out the dummy thing per the No Cry Sleep Solution (NCSS) book (i.e. waiting until vigorous sucking slows, pull out dummy, if cries put it back in, wait 10-60 sec, pull out again, etc.). I only bother doing this when he first falls asleep in the evening. The NCSS says that the way they first fall asleep at night sets the pattern for the rest of the night. Not sure if this is true, but he rarely needs the dummy again until 5 or 6 am when I stick it in to try to get a bit more kip! But for naps I don't touch the dummy - he is a terrible napper, so I do anything to get him to rest in the day.

Milsy Mon 11-May-09 14:38:34

We have a Sleepytot and I'm always raving about it because it ended my dummy runs five times a night lol. I think you would want your baby to be quite active though, able to roll over and stuff or he could get into trouble and not be able to move it off his face. Same with any comforter, pillow etc.

stef06 Thu 04-Jun-09 23:43:40

this product is excellent my son dosent even like cuddly toys but he loves this even if there isnt a dummy on it he still cuddles it. i would reccomend this to anyone. Its sutable from birth too. and if you want to use the no cry sleep solution you could always take the dummy off and leave the sleepy tot with him/her. it will also be good when it is time to wean them off the dummy because they are still left with something they know. im about to buy my second one as my sons one is getting a bit tatty now and the velcro isnt sticking as much. Hope this helps

JayneHatter Tue 09-Jun-09 21:43:43

Hi Jane Austen, what did you end up doing about this?

I got one for my 3 month old and was really glad I got it so early. I used the paws to attach it to the cot bars so it was copletely safe and Sally got used to him really quickly.

So cute how she wuld chat to him before she went off every night.

I started leaving her with her Sleepytot and the dummy from about 6 month and I have to say it really does work.

I don't knwo what I'd do without ours. Especially now that I'm pregnant again! This will be my third!

FMH Mon 20-Jul-09 10:20:05

This might be a silly question..we use the MAM dummys which don't have handles - is there any way to attach these to the Sleepytot??

JayneHatter Thu 23-Jul-09 13:48:24

I don't think so. You need to put a hoop to thread the paw through I'm afraid. Maybe you coud ask the Sleepytot company?

Fairynormal Sun 18-Feb-18 11:05:50

I have seen that you can buy an adaptor for button style dummies, they are made by Sleepytot and are around £2, am about to buy a Sleepytot comforter for my 7 month old granddaughter to stop her from throwing her dummy out of the cot in the middle of the night xx

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