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Cabin beds - is there a law re age to use them?

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deegward Tue 06-Apr-04 21:42:54

We are thinking of buying ds1 a cabin bed - from John Lewis which will be 114cm high. Today a friend came round and she said she thought there was a law relating to minimum ages for these.

Is she right, and what is it?

Ds1 is 4 by the way, and really, really, wants one.

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Nutcracker Tue 06-Apr-04 21:45:53

I don't think it's a law, but they reccomend that they are 6 i think. Will it be the same height as a top bunk ??? I put my dd into a top bunk at age 4 so i wouldn't worry. Just need to make sure he is supervised whilst getting up and down until he's used to it.

deegward Tue 06-Apr-04 21:51:29

No, a lot lower than a top bunk. He is quite sensible, unless he has all his Power Rangers in his bed - cause they are tired after fighting Zurgene - while he sleeps on the floor. Kids!

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Nutcracker Tue 06-Apr-04 21:56:51

Should be fine then

Twink Tue 06-Apr-04 22:22:07

I'd have thought he would be fine. The side rail makes it hard to fall out & they quickly adapt to the steps.

I was planning to get one for dd for her first bed but got talked out of it and wish I'd gone with my instincts now as she would have been fine in one of those 'half' height ones like you mention.

deegward Tue 06-Apr-04 22:24:28

Thnks, we have held off taking him out of his cot bed so that he could go in one.

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samwifewithkid Tue 06-Apr-04 23:07:46

I think you'll be fine. You know your child after all! Just make sure it has a side rail so he can't fall out.

kiwisbird Tue 06-Apr-04 23:08:01

make sure he has light he can easily get to, my ds had half heigh cabin bed at 6 and had awful tumble one night with foot caught in ladder as he could not see and he was all sleep confused.
Aside from that he was fine... he brained himself on bunk the other day (he is 10 now) so perhaps its just him!

HiddenSpirit Wed 07-Apr-04 00:26:21

DS1 went from cot into a mid-sleeper (slightly lower than top bunk) and he was 2yrs and a couple of months. Never once fell out it and he loved it

SoupDragon Wed 07-Apr-04 08:11:55

DSs went into theirs from 2y 10months and have never fallen out of them. TBH, the guard rails round them are so high it would be virtually impossible to fall out when asleep. DS2 *did* fall off DS1s bed aged 17 months but he was leaning over the edge at the time.

DS2 has this one from Debenhams. I like it because it has wide steps rather than narrow ladder rungs. He currently has it with a double futon mattress which isn't as high as an ordinary mattress and as it's a double, it folds up at the sides a bit making it less likely he'll fall out. Must get round to getting a proper one! He's 3 now.

geogteach Wed 07-Apr-04 16:41:25

We weren't sure if DS would cope with one of these but bought a single bed which you can buy kits for later to turn into a cabin bed or a high bunk. The firm are Danish I think they were called 'Stompa'

LIZS Wed 07-Apr-04 16:47:52

We did similar to geogteach with Flexa range - bought ds low bed for his first bed at 2 then put legs on to make cabin bed at almost 4. Main problem has been stopping dd (2.5) bouncing herself off. Don't think there is a law as such but possibly Rospa recommendation.

sis Wed 07-Apr-04 20:22:08

Geogteach, we've just ordered a stompa cabin bed for ds - they look really sturdy - I can't wait till it arrives - ds is excited too, but not as much as me

JanZ Thu 08-Apr-04 16:54:22

We want to get ds the cabin bed from IKEA that has the slide! It always took us AGES to get him away from it when we go to IKEA - but now he's old enough to go into the creche

Paula71 Thu 08-Apr-04 21:46:10

JanZ my mate bought that for her DD (then age 4.) They would wake up in the morning listening to her sliding, the dogs also loved the slide!

I wanted to get one each for ds twins but due to the size of their room I think I will have to get a bunk instead.

They recommend cabin beds for about age 4, I know the Argos site has age recommendations on its products which is a handy guide.

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