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'Discussions of the day' / 'Trending'

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Aridane Thu 08-Feb-18 11:03:13

Am curious about that side bar on the right.

What is a 'discussion of the day' and what is 'trending'? I mean, what determined whether a thread is one of the 'Discussions of the day' or 'Trending'?

PanPanPanPing Thu 08-Feb-18 11:07:05

AFAIK, Discussions of the day are manually added by MNHQ and Trending is automatically generated.

Aridane Thu 08-Feb-18 11:14:05

So is 'Trending' triggered by number of views?

LornaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 08-Feb-18 11:48:42


So is 'Trending' triggered by number of views?

Exactly that! Trending is pretty much a reflection of what's hot on the site right now.

Discussions of the day are hand-picked threads that our content team share.

Aridane Thu 08-Feb-18 11:50:49

Aha - thanks!

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