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I don't know if this has been asked before. Deletion messages on watched threads

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AnyFuckerForAMincePie Sun 21-Dec-14 23:14:32

Could we have this please

I am such a Good Girl these days and instead of commenting on threads getting involved in bunfights I do as I am told and report, report, report without commenting. However, apart from having to log in to my email account (which I am too lazy to do, or have forgotten what I have reported by then) I don't get to see some of the rather fab deletion messages.

What do we reckon ?

cozietoesie Sun 21-Dec-14 23:49:38

I'd second that. It would minimise people posting simply to say 'marking place' I would have thought.

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Mon 22-Dec-14 00:38:19


DandyHighwayman Mon 22-Dec-14 00:56:47

Oh yes bonne idee.

SilverShins Mon 22-Dec-14 01:01:09

Yes agree. Anything to rid threads of 'marking place'.

ElizabethHoover Mon 22-Dec-14 01:27:54

Can someone give an sb of a funny one. They always just say something abiut OPs identity to me

AwfulBeryl Mon 22-Dec-14 09:14:12

Yes, I agree. Will also stop the taat asking where did the bla bla bla thread go.
Most of all it will satisfy my nosiness, it really irks me when a thread off my watching list disappears.

HoHonutty Mon 22-Dec-14 09:20:06


HoHonutty Mon 22-Dec-14 09:20:30


MardyBra Mon 22-Dec-14 09:28:41

Great idea. <marking place>

RowanMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Dec-14 09:31:07

Yep think this one is in the works, it's just that Tech has a veeeery long list to get through. We do agree it would be useful though!

AuntieStella Mon 22-Dec-14 09:32:35

I thought most deletion messages were pretty basic these days?

<Remembers when they were much more creative, and how it all stopped when there was deliberate trolling to see what the deletion message would be like. And threads full of 'here to see the deletion message' >

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Mon 22-Dec-14 11:16:36

Hoorayyyy smile

WorraLiberty Mon 22-Dec-14 11:19:58

Good idea

It not only cuts down on the place marking but also the threads springing up, asking why they were deleted.

cozietoesie Mon 22-Dec-14 12:01:03

Thinking about it, it would also save time in searching for threads. I may be alone in this but when I go back to review a thread, I generally look first for threads that I've already read - purple instead of blue. If I can't see it and I'm on a different machine or have cleared cookies and cache recently (both of which are frequent) then not seeing a thread means I have to go looking through pages - and if it's been deleted, I simply won't know unless someone else has mentioned it.

Pleased to hear that it's on the list, Rowan.

OhLittleBoreOfWhabylon Mon 22-Dec-14 23:45:44

Oh good fgrin

Like AF, I report and report without comment.

The deletion messages would be a sort of reward, I think.

AnyFuckerForAMincePie Mon 22-Dec-14 23:49:24

damn right smile

OhLittleBoreOfWhabylon Tue 23-Dec-14 00:09:18

We deserve it, AF fgrin

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