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Linking to a post within a thread

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Mummagumma Wed 21-Jul-10 10:21:16

I can't work out how to go about linking to a specific post within a thread, the way that MNHQ does in the Parenting News emails, like this

Can anyone help me, please?

NetworkGuy Wed 21-Jul-10 13:12:33

If you use advanced search to find the post, you could then copy the link given for that individual posting.

Not sure if there's a more elegant way to determine the numbers as per your / MN e-mail link.

I'd prefer "Link to this post" (ie a link direct to that particular post) in place of Twitter / Facebook buttons, and to use the short form you've shown. I assume the 1000120 in your example is like the 1006698 in this particular thread (while site_stuff would be translated to a number to identify the topic area)*1006698*-Linking-to-a-post-within-a-thread

Of course if you look at the lin for 'report a post' you get all the numbers...
msgid=*2 0587939*

So maybe

can be 'created by hand' just by examining the link (in a text editor so one doesn't accidentally report a post!)

NetworkGuy Wed 21-Jul-10 13:16:47

Taking my post ?topicid=1374&threadid=1006698&msgid=20590120

topicid= 1374 &
threadid= 1006698 &
msgid= 20590120

you'd get

NetworkGuy Wed 21-Jul-10 13:24:51

I note there is sometimes a "?pagingOff=1" switch in the web link, so you might want to experiment with that, too.


Mummagumma Thu 22-Jul-10 13:14:09

Okay, let's have a go at linking to your last post on this thread then, and I'll test them in preview:

or like this

(30 seconds later)
Lovely, it works! Thank you so much for taking the trouble to write all this out. Up to now I've been copying & pasting when I want to draw someone's attention to a particular post, or sending a link to the thread and saying, "search on 'RandomMNer' within this - it's her third post on this thread". Neither are a satisfactory way of doings things!

I agree, a 'link to this post' button would be great. Any chance of it, MNHQ?

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