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Maida Vale School ?

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Leverano1 Mon 22-Feb-21 10:56:03

Does anyone have any info /advice/ thoughts about the relatively new Maida Vale school please for my daughter’s potential entry there this September in year 7?

Many thanks in advance 🙏

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KittyWithStripes Mon 22-Feb-21 14:12:05

There are a few threads about it on the MV Parents 2 Parents Facebook group, if you're a member. Can you look there? Might be a bit niche for Mumsnet. I think the views on the school were pretty positive in general.

MrsWonderland Mon 22-Feb-21 14:56:23

I think there was a thread on here recently with very positive feedback

Leverano1 Mon 22-Feb-21 18:52:41

Thank you both very much - I will check out the MV Parents Facebook group and look for threads here - 🙏🙏

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Findanotherpassword1 Thu 25-Feb-21 12:20:26

Hi MVS is my daughter's first choice - the only thing I'm worried about is the number of boys to girls. Is it heavily weighted to boys?

All feedback gratefully received!

Leverano1 Thu 25-Feb-21 16:25:50

Hi - Maida Vale is also my daughter’s first choice but am finding it hard to find any similar info as well - she is more creative than academic but will do ok if pushed....🙏🙏

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