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Compare Old Palace, Bromley High and Newstead Wood Grammar

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earngAPlace Tue 05-Feb-19 16:03:54

Dear Parents,
Could you kindly review the following schools based on your experience

Old Palace of Whitgift, Croydon (IND)
Bromley High GDST (IND)
Newstead wood Grammar

on the following

Quality of teaching especially in Maths and Sciences
Pastoral care / bullying etc
GCSE and A level achievement
University admission support, Oxbridge success

From my research so far, following is what I felt, I may be completely wrong, so please challenge me.

Old palace of whitgift - Appears to be a very nice caring environment and lovely headteacher (who is leaving) , however the exam results are not that great esp for GCSE maths , only 9 out of 78 achieved grade 9. Less numbers taking STEM, with only 5-7 out of 32 achieving A*. ... hp?id=1266

Bromley High - Nice environment and facilities and good exam results. Couldn't guage the pastoral care or environment even after multiple visits.

Newstead woods - Very good exam results. Have heard contradicting views about pastoral care but majority stating that bullying is prevalent. Most stated that many children are supplemented with tutoring or parents taking over teaching to make up for the lack of quality teaching for some subjects in GCSEs/A levels. Is this correct. ? However due the driven parents arranging visits to silicon valley and other extra curricular activities, the school is academic and has a lot going on. ... 202018.pdf

I need advise choosing the right school for my sensitive DD who doesn't cope well in a bullying / less caring environment.

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PettsWoodParadise Tue 05-Feb-19 23:44:18

DD was at BH for junior, she is far happier at NW where she is now in Y9. Be careful who you listen to comments from. Yes NW had some rocky years a few years ago but so far DD has had a great education and no tutoring, she has a lovely set of supportive and caring friends. I do see the BH girls at a local tutor who lives near us. They benefit from the GDST network and do inter school events etc. My DD was fairly miserable there but others may be a better fit.

Why is Old Palace on the list if choosing two selective all girls schools in Bickley / Orpington it is the odd one out as co-Ed, quite distant from the other two and whilst I see it says it is selective is that fairly new? what about Colfes or Babington? Eltham is going co-Ed soon too.

Dimetrodon Wed 06-Feb-19 01:24:40

Bromley H - a good atmosphere. Rather moneyed but decent teaching. Great facilities.

You ask about Maths & Sciences. Read the NW Ofsted report. Whilst it is recent and outstanding, these two areas of Maths & Science were noted as needing attention. A level results not as good as it used to be. Probably fine to GCSE level, then many move to St Olave's.

Having DDs who experienced single sex girls schools I would suggest you look at more co-ed schools. Boys do add a little balance. All girls only schools we experienced can be a little harsh if you are a quieter one.

walkingtheplank Wed 06-Feb-19 10:12:25

Old Palace isn't co-ed and is academically selective.

I assume you know that single-sex is right for your daughter. My DD is at a GDST school and loves it and the fact that it is single-sex. She's still friends with her friends who are at a co-ed school and they seem very pre-occupied with who fancies who.

As you go up the school, the GDST aspect provides quite a lot of opportunities - both sporting and academic.

sydenhamhiller Sat 09-Feb-19 12:20:54

It's hard to compare the 3: two are private, and NW is state - so it's not an equal playing field. Two have a lot more money for, well, everything.

I have a daughter in y8 at NW. I still struggle with whether it is a good fit for her - she's clever and doing really well, but not an Alpha sort of girl - there are a lot of academically brilliant girls, who are/seem super loud and confident, also play netball for England, and cello at grade 8, and volunteer with Medecin sans frontiere in the schools holidays. I may be exaggerating there, but you know what I mean. DD is much quieter and hesitant, and I worry she compares herself to these bright sparks and feels lacking.... but she seems happy enough, and has really thrived academically, and she wanted to go.

When we have had the odd pastoral blip, school has been amazing with their response/ care and attention. I really cannot fault them.Other parents I know have said the same thing. There is an online rumour that it is a hotbed of bullying, but that is not our experience at all - quite the opposite (and I have friends with girls in Y11 and 12). I think every school has issues - children do bully each other - it is how the school responds that matters. And do question the provenance of opinions (even mine wink): people love to dish the dirt on schools, especially when they don't have children there. My son is at St Olave's, you can imagine the fun opinions I listen to on that!

DD1 does complain about the maths and science teachers, there has been a lot of chopping and changing of these teachers for her class in particular we feel, and I know a lot of fellow classmates parents aren't happy, but what can the school do? There is a national shortage of these teachers.

They are all nice schools: perhaps the best thing is to go with the one your daughter likes the most, and that has the easiest commute. It's not an insignificant factor.

Dimetrodon Sat 09-Feb-19 15:52:20

Good point, don't listen to those who have never experienced the schools. OP wanted info on quality of maths and science teaching so pity to hear there's been disruption on teaching those in year 8. My DDs left and took a levels elsewhere. We didn't feel the a level science results were high enough. Saying that, with this school on your reference you are more likely to get an offer from St Os, roughly half their 450 places go to externals.

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