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Shebbear college/Christ College Brecon/Abbotsholme School/Oswestry School

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Cfs1668 Thu 18-Oct-18 07:08:29

HI all, I'm looking for a boarding school for my son in Year 8,he is talkative,sporty, acadermic not very outstanding but overall average. Any comments for the following schools ? How do you choose ?
Due to the budget issue,we can't afford the top school, and the location is not our issue, thanks !

Shebbear College
Christ College Brecon
Abbotsholme School
Oswestry School

Or please suggest if you have any recommendation, many thanks !

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Madlollyoftheshire Wed 24-Oct-18 09:48:41

Hi there, My daughter went to Abbotsholme for 4 years - it's a really lovely school. She started there in a bad way after having a terrible time in state education and left Abbotsholme as a kind, confident, positive young woman with a direction in life. She's now my best friend and I'm so proud of her. I think this school is how all schools should be - it's not an exam factory and doesn't select the most academically able pupils to make its results look good - it values and rewards success out of the classroom just as much as it does academic success and it provides the most fantastic opportunities for pupils to challenge themselves, travel and open their minds to the wider world. It provides great support for those who need that to achieve academically (my daughter is dyslexic) as well as having a programme to ensure the most academically able pupils are challenged. In our experience, children learn best when they're happy, and Abbotsholme is a happy school. I would heartily recommend you visit and see for yourself. Getting the right school is so important - Good luck!

Cfs1668 Wed 24-Oct-18 10:10:48

hi Madlollyoftheshire , Thank you for the information !

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