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Lack of work Year 11.....

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Year11Woes Tue 17-Oct-17 11:48:00

Name change.

Dc is in lower sets but tries hard and homework has always been completed. Quiet but contributes in class and doesn't mess around, takes education seriously with future plans in mind.

I am increasingly concerned about the lack of work my dc seems to be being set in both class and as homework in a few subjects.
School uses homework app with parent log in.

Being in the lower sets, working hard is not a popular choice with most fellow students and there have been a lot of bitchy comments and snatching of test papers seemingly going unnoticed.

In two classes yesterday, dc finished the work set but there was no extension available so just sat there looking through book.
In a third lesson. dc submitted coursework and was told they could do what they liked in the three remaining lessons until half term, (no revision as exam already taken) whilst the others caught up.

I have emailed the teachers in the subjects I am most concerned about over a week ago but only received a one line response from one of them.

With the PPEs in November, I was expecting the pressure to really be on but it feels like the lower sets have already been written off by this school.
My dc will keep plodding on with revision because there is a goal in mind but without any support I wonder where some of these kids are going to end up.

Anyone have any thought on this, experiencing the same or have any advice?

Autumnsky Tue 17-Oct-17 13:07:10

I think you should push the school, but on the same time, take the revision in your own hand. Look at your DC's subjects, which ones need to be improved? You can find the past papers for all subjects, and your DC can start to do it. Also the revision books. Find the weak area in each subjects and works on it. Are you able to check the answer for him? If not, maybe think about tutions outside school?

Year11Woes Tue 17-Oct-17 16:44:16

As far as revision goes, I've purchased all the guides and some work books but some subjects are using revision guides and work books in lessons. It is totally impractical to bring them home everyday so we've worked revision in those subjects around dc's timetable.

If I'm honest, dc needs to be working at full capacity in all subjects. Waiting around for others to catch up with no extension work available seems very unfair. My understanding is that the catching up needed is more due to lack of effort than lack of understanding.
I'm wondering if this happens so much in higher sets?

I'm concerned what will happen with regards to students no longer being granted study leave during exams.
How are kids that do want to revise supposed to concentrate in a class with kids that couldn't care less and essentially bully kids who do want work?
Dc has already told me they will bunk it (they won't, just sounding off) because the class won't shut up and don't want to learn...

noblegiraffe Wed 18-Oct-17 00:10:49

Sounds like the teachers are a bit useless - how are his predicted grades? Whatever his plans are, he needs to prioritise his revision if he is in lower sets, and clearly he can't rely on his teachers to push him.

If no extension work is given, then he needs to get his revision guides out and start working on his own stuff in lessons, you're right that he can't afford to waste time waiting for others to catch up. Unfortunately it sounds like it might be a bit late to be looking to move up sets, although it's always worth asking, if his results are good for the group he's in and he's sat twiddling his thumbs.

Year11Woes Fri 20-Oct-17 18:59:16

Dc brought home mini report with updated predicted grades today.
Mix of 4's and 5's but maths isn't on there at all so no idea whether on target or not.

Maths set hasn't changed at all since the beginning of Year 10, no one up or down according to dc. Seems a general policy of not changing sets around over all subjects regardless of results actually.

TheDonald Sat 21-Oct-17 08:45:21

My dd has already said she will revise at home if revision classes are too disruptive. I know several who did this last year and if I think she'll be more successful doing this I'll happily phone up and say she's poorly. School did nothing to follow this up last year and teachers were happy to mark practice papers of kids who stayed at home. This was after Easter when all content had been covered.

Could your dc go to see teachers outside of class to ask for more work?

Maybe use spare time in lessons to catch up on other homework then use Mr bruff / mrbarton maths at home?

MaisyPops Sat 21-Oct-17 17:25:52

Sounds like the teachers are teaching to thr middle/bottom of the class and acceptibg poor attitude because they are a lower group.
It's not on.

Look online like thedonald says. Equally, ask the teachers to give a pack of study material to your DC and request that they mark mock questions etc. The way I see it you're not asking anytging extra because if they were doing enougg in class you wouldn't be asking for the basics.

Year11Woes Sat 21-Oct-17 22:12:03

Thanks for all your comments and suggestions.

So, I had an email last night with the missing maths grade apparently it's a 2+ with learning attitude B, he got A's in every other subject.
I honestly don't know what to think, this would mean he's gone backwards with this teacher.

Ds is not in the lowest set and has been working consistently at the top of this set since the beginning of Year 10.
Today, ds has started to doubt he can achieve a 4 in maths, if he doesn't he quite probably won't get onto the course he wants this year as it's very popular.

I'm not one for teacher bashing, I like and admire some of ds's teachers very much but I'm beginning to think I've got a teacher problem here.

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