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Have just found out dp has been 'spying' on the woman next door!

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voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:27:37

with binoculars no less..... I feel sick .
What should I do??

Libb Wed 04-May-05 23:30:26

show him where to put his lens cap?

tiffini Wed 04-May-05 23:30:49

what has he said. (why)

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 04-May-05 23:31:27

What's she doing that's so interesting?

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:31:57

he said it was only the once, and only because she keeps looking out of her house into ours .
Still makes me feel sick tho, what is it with blokes?

biglips Wed 04-May-05 23:32:01

what?? did you caught him or did he told you?

JoolsToo Wed 04-May-05 23:32:26

were you spying on him?

biglips Wed 04-May-05 23:32:28

sorry i was being a bit slow typing

tiffini Wed 04-May-05 23:33:05

is she attractive?

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 04-May-05 23:33:10

Dunno, men get very territorial - whay was she nosing at your house?

LGJ Wed 04-May-05 23:33:27

How did you manage to trip him up ??

Did you set a trap

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:33:38

no I was talking to her today and she asked me to pass on a message to him 'like your binoculars' - I'd laugh if I wasn't so p£ed off.

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:34:24

I'm not a troll, regular poster but really embarassed

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 04-May-05 23:34:38


lavenderrr Wed 04-May-05 23:34:40

sare you sure he wasn't watching birds in the tree (as my dh does this and has the whole thing set up poiting at what looks like the neighbours)...did you actually see through the binocs yourself?

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:36:05

Sorry I haven't explained myself very well - I only found out he'd done it because the neighbour made this comment. When i confronted him today he eventually admitted it after lots of arguing.

Libb Wed 04-May-05 23:36:09

you are kidding right?

LGJ Wed 04-May-05 23:36:16

Fair enough

It's just that it is pub chucking out time.

In all seriousness, hide the binoculars, and feign ignorance when he asks where they are.

On the other hand, she may just be shit stirring.

Libb Wed 04-May-05 23:36:59

sorry Voyeur, that wasn't aimed at you. Lav, bird watching indeed!

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:37:03

nope not kidding unfortunately

PuffTheMagicDragon Wed 04-May-05 23:37:35

agree with LGJ

juniperdewdrop Wed 04-May-05 23:37:45

and he's admitted it?

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:38:09

Is this normal for blokes to do this sort of thing? He's trying to make me think they all do it

juniperdewdrop Wed 04-May-05 23:38:38

sorry you've said he has admitted it

Any signs of him doing this sort of stuff b4? Is he a bit odd anyway?

voyeur Wed 04-May-05 23:38:41

Yep he's admitted it

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