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Can you talk me through divorce proceedings?

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Zhan Thu 13-Apr-17 23:38:31

Been married two years.

I dream of being single and after the past few days, I'm more determined to become so.

How does one even start proceedings??

Situation - he works full time £36k pa
I work casual hours in NHS as many or as little hours as I want - if I worked full time I can bring in £22k Pa

House is jointly owned. He put more in than me inititially (I put £2k in, he put £20k in!) but since moving in 4 years ago we've both contributed to what's left of the mortgage (currently on £100k).

If a solicitor was to say DH has to sell it, he'll purposely drag his heels and take years to do so. Is there any way I could keep it and pay him off??

PaterPower Fri 14-Apr-17 08:49:52

If he agreed to let you then you could, but how are you going to get a mortgage to cover his deposit plus half the equity and the 100k still owed on 22k pa?

Two years seems very quick for a marriage to collapse. Is it really irretrievable? What is making you "dream of being single?"

PaterPower Fri 14-Apr-17 08:52:18

And if you mean keep it and pay him off gradually then no, I don't believe a court would order that, although I'm not a solicitor. They generally try and go for clean splits, unless there are dc that need housing long term.

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