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engaged..but found my dp has been messaging a woman on fb for months

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holstenlips Mon 16-Sep-13 14:37:24

Im so hurt but dont know if im overreacting. I had a hunch unexplainably about this woman. I made dp give me his phone after a row and he had text her the last time that morning to tell her he had a hard on. Im dying inside. He says he never meant any of it.
We were happy I thought
He started it with her. I got all the messages back 3 months. Most are pretty mundane but he has been sexual in some and they have both said they had naughty thoughts. He ends his texts " love you lots lovely **"

holstenlips Wed 02-Oct-13 22:52:14

Booster..im so grateful (and everyone else)
I will keep that paragraph in mind and if he starts anything I shall copy and paste.
He still texts to maintain there was nothing sexual in telling her he had a hard on
Id love to tell everyone that due to his diabetes he is virtually impotent...and I never tried to fish around with anyone else did I!
Hes text also with "I put up with your depression" err no. Actually you left me and my kids alone to deal with it because you said "you couldn't handle it" and you started this online sexting to get your kicks.

piratecat Thu 03-Oct-13 09:52:24

chuck your depression at you? nice one, fucking idiot.

hellsbellsmelons Thu 03-Oct-13 10:40:09

I hope work is going OK today and you are managing to ignore his cheating arse!
And to throw depression in there - lowest of the lowest form of scum!
You really are well rid.
Keep strong and keep going.

Boosterseat Thu 03-Oct-13 11:40:32

You're doing so well Holsten, I am seriously impressed.

I would imagine once the dust has settled your depression may improve - especially without a respectful,ignorant twunt dragging you down.

Boosterseat Thu 03-Oct-13 11:41:20

Disrespectful, goes without saying.

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