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Curious under the stars - will it ever end?

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thislido Fri 03-May-19 19:08:18

Is it just me? It feels like it’s been on forever. And that somehow it’s in a slot that doesn’t normally have a long running thing? In fact two slots, because somehow I have the misfortune to catch the same episode twice.

MikeUniformMike Thu 09-May-19 13:40:34

Me too. I don't mind it too much but I don't listen. I seem to catch the Ian McEwen one twice a day and I would switch off but I like Anton Lessing's voice. We seem to have had a lot of Adrian Mole recently too.
Unfortunately, as I have R4 on quite a lot I hear a lot of repeats.

thislido Thu 09-May-19 20:30:25

I caught the birth and death of the Ian McEwan robot thing but nothing in between! I wondered who was reading, distinctive voice and suited the material perfectly.

I love R4 and would have it on constantly if I didn’t need to concentrate on other things. The bad luck of catching repeats is funny - some weeks I feel like I’ve hardly listened at all and yet I manage to get the same thing twice!

MikeUniformMike Thu 09-May-19 21:13:27

Yet if there's something good you always miss huge chunks of it even though it is repeated.
I always seem to catch the shipping forecast. The morning Cape Wrath to Rattray Head has me heading for the kettle.

thislido Fri 10-May-19 06:20:13

I love the Shipping Forecast. Maybe I can use that to get me up a bit earlier!

thislido Mon 20-May-19 19:49:13

Now it’s bloody Gudrun! I thought that was over too.

MikeUniformMike Wed 07-Aug-19 10:55:26

Apparently not.

practicalmagick Wed 07-Aug-19 10:58:05

I used to really like Curious Under the Stars and thought it was very original but there is so much of it! It will never end...

Gudrun I've always found quite hardgoing.

WheresThatCatGoneNow Wed 07-Aug-19 12:40:37

Oh no, this isn't back again, is it confused

I'm far more curious about what's under my stairs, than I am about this tiresome never-ending saga.

practicalmagick Wed 07-Aug-19 14:52:04

Curious Things Under My Stairs sounds like a Woman's Hour feature in the making!

WheresThatCatGoneNow Thu 08-Aug-19 00:03:21

Not sure about Woman's Hour, but I bet Grace Dent could wring half an hour out of it!

MikeUniformMike Mon 19-Aug-19 10:29:03

Last Saturday had a 1-hour The Untold festival.

TheLidoOfThighs Wed 06-Nov-19 06:31:26

I bet Grace Dent could wring half an hour out of it!

Yes, and to make it worse she would whisper the whole thing. What is that?! She doesn't do it in other situations.

MikeUniformMike Fri 08-Nov-19 13:58:25

And now she's on at 23.30.
At least it is not The Patch.

TheLidoOfThighs Fri 08-Nov-19 14:28:31

Yes, she’s a whisperer too. Not when she’s talking to people but when she’s doing the narration bits. What’s wrong with them all?

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