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Difference between a bugaboo cameleon and a bugaboo frog?

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Dordeydoo Wed 10-Oct-12 21:37:27

Is there any difference between a bugaboo cameleon and a bugaboo frog?

If so what?

Dordeydoo Wed 10-Oct-12 21:38:29

Oh and the gecko

Ihateparties Wed 10-Oct-12 21:44:44

Frog and Cam I'm more hazy on the precise differences but the Cam has a bumperbar where the Gecko hasn't, the Cam has a longer seat frame (so seat and carrycot are slightly bigger as they both hang from the same frame), the Gecko has a shorter chassis but not by very much. Cam has adjustable handle, gecko is fixed height. Erm.... I think that's about it. Oh Cam has adjustable suspension I think where the Gecko doesn't. I had a Gecko, my friend has a Cam, when we walked together we always thought the gecko looked more compact and less bulky but measurements wise there isn't much in it. Maybe it was it being shorter and lower to the ground that made it look smaller?

Someone will know more about the frog, I know it has a bumper bar and I think the seat is more like Cam sized but the handle, suspension etc. I'm not sure.

rogersmellyonthetelly Thu 11-Oct-12 21:00:12

Cam has adjustable suspension, handle and the largest seat. Frog is next biggest and IMO the best suspension, lovely and soft. Gecko is the budget version and is the smallest of the 3. They don't make the frog or gecko any more. Basic chassis and function buttons are the same on all 3. Frog and cameleon parts are interchangeable.

ThePinkNinja Sun 14-Oct-12 12:57:26

I have the frog and love it... If going second hand you can often get a great frog for much cheaper than a cam.
Frog is fixed handle height... Which is the only thing I find annoying. the wheels on a frog are air filled but yuan buy the foam cam wheels (I did and so worth it!)
I think there a couple other small differences. smile good luck

ThePinkNinja Sun 14-Oct-12 12:57:50

You can not yuan

ThePinkNinja Sun 14-Oct-12 13:02:05

You can not yuan

Dordeydoo Sun 14-Oct-12 13:16:18

The pink ninja - ??

5madthings Sun 14-Oct-12 13:21:00

I have a frog and love it! It is the same as the cam really but the front wheels dont have suspension but you can buy cam wheels and they will fit the frog.

ThePinkNinja Sun 14-Oct-12 19:13:39

What's wrong with thepinkninja? sad
It's a funny nickname dh gave me for being a * super hero* in our house..,
I'm the only lady. Dh, ds1,ds2, and dog

Dordeydoo Sun 14-Oct-12 19:47:45

The pink ninja - I hadn't seen you 1st comment and saw the two about yuan and wondered what you ment

ThePinkNinja Sun 14-Oct-12 21:57:01


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