Fitted wardrobes - leave or rip out?!

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linspins Fri 09-Jul-10 21:30:18

Like 'em or loathe 'em? We've got fitted wardrobes all across one wall (and right up to the ceiling) in our main bedroom. I don't like them much, and would like to take them all out and replace with two freestanding wardrobes (and maybe a chest of drawers).
If you were buying a house, would you like to inherit fitted wardrobes, or not? We're thinking of selling in a couple of years, and it would be silly to take them out if most people like them. They do have loads of space, and hide a multitude of sins.
Opinions please!

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CMOTdibbler Fri 09-Jul-10 21:32:26

If they are reasonable condition, then I'd leave them. Having had unfitted and fitted wardrobes, I much prefer fitted as I have somewhere to put hat boxes, suitcases etc without them gathering dust on top of the wardrobe

FiveGoMadInDorset Fri 09-Jul-10 21:36:08

We finally got rid of ours five years after we moved in, was a great release and so pleased we did it.

belledechocolatefluffybunny Fri 09-Jul-10 21:38:10

I'd rip them out, horrible things.

theyoungvisiter Fri 09-Jul-10 21:40:09

I detest fitted wardrobes and the first thing I would do on buying a house with fitted cupboards is rip them out!

The only good fitted cupboard is if they're a period feature of the house - then it's acceptable grin

ReneRusso Fri 09-Jul-10 21:46:04

fitted wardrobes would be a plus for me when buying a place.

linspins Fri 09-Jul-10 22:16:18

Oooo, quite divided opinion then! My fingers are itching to rip them out but they are so useful - I know what you mean about stuff gathering dust on top of wardrobes...

(CMOT, love your Pratchett name!)

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said Fri 09-Jul-10 22:19:37

We've got them, hate them. But very useful and have nowhere to store teh crap in them so stuck with them. For now

Linnet Fri 09-Jul-10 22:22:03

We have fitted wardrobes in our bedroom and I hate them. They are against an outside wall which makes it even worse as the clothes and anything else in them smells musty.

I asked this same question a few months ago and most people said rip them out. I do plan to eventually but we have so little storage in this flat I can't work out where we'd put the things that are in them.

linspins Fri 09-Jul-10 22:25:32

Yes I know what you mean Linnet. We've got all sorts in ours, such as filing, kids clothes, and junk that has nowhere else to go. But our room is such a souless place, I long to inject some glamour, or cosiness etc, to make it a room that is nice to be in rather than a line of cupboards and a bed.

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venusonarockbun Fri 09-Jul-10 22:41:56

Rip them out. So old-fashioned!

teta Sat 10-Jul-10 00:10:09

We had fitted wardrobes in our house when we first moved in 9 years ago.We ripped them all out - and put antique ones in.Now we have 4 dc's and very little storage space!.We need more cupboards.I am thinking of getting solid wood ones made specifically for the space and then painting to look like old ones.But if you have awful over the bed wardrobes - do remove as it is like sleeping in a coffin [as we had].Maybe if you just dislike the doors you can have the doors replaced by a joiner.

Gentleness Sun 11-Jul-10 00:40:41

We decided against some houses almost purely because of the fitted wardrobes - just turned out that for those properties we couldn't have afforded to rip out and replace on our timeline or budget. I really hate the way most of them look so they altered the feel of a house for me. But I really love having storage space and felt really irrational for being so against them.

HerHonesty Sun 11-Jul-10 07:27:40

it depends on what they are like, mdf or wood? handmade or high street? i wouldnt rip out until i was sure i could afford a decent replacement. good wardrobes are expensive.

BalloonSlayer Sun 11-Jul-10 07:43:40

I hate them and in our last house ripped them out (but they were awful, louvre doors badly varnished with thick treacly dark brown, yuck).

In this house our bedroom has a sloping ceiling and although it's quite large, free-standing furniture didn't fit in all that brilliantly. Then we had DC3 and lost some of our bedroom to create him a room. So I got a carpenter to make us some fitted ones all along one wall - the only solution to the space problem. He did a good job and they go right into the sloping ceiling and emphasise it and really use all the space. But it's not a "dream bedroom." They look OK but I wouldn't be surprised if we sold the house and the next people ripped them straight out.

GoodDaysBadDays Sun 11-Jul-10 07:46:04

Dh put fitted wardrobes in our bedroom last year and I love them. More storage space, no clutter as it's all hidden! We have sliding doors on them so it gives us even more space, the room is very minimalistic and modern so if that's not the look you want then that type are probably not for you.

If yours are in good condition it would be a positive point imo if looking to buy.

Have you thought about replacing the doors to turn them into something you'd like?

senua Sun 11-Jul-10 07:55:59

I suppose the answer is: it depends. We have new neighbours whose purchasers bought a lot of their furniture. They moved into a ripped-out, totally refurbished house so they had nowhere to put any clothes. They are busily installing fitted wardrobes!

Can you compromise? Leave fitted wardrobes in smaller or awkward bedrooms but have freestanding in the master bedroom as a 'show bedroom'?

I thought that most people bought on the kitchen and bathroom, not the fitted wardrobes.grin

linspins Sun 11-Jul-10 10:10:00

I think I might remove them in installments! Take off the top section that goes right up to the ceiling, to first create a feeling of space, and live with that for a bit. Then remove one single and one double bit, by the window, and possible have a chest of drawers and a freestanding mirror in the space. That would leave us with 2 double and a single bit, which I might get new doors/handles for, to change the feel.
The wardrobes are fairly solid, probably quite expensive when new. I don't object to them totally, it just makes the room feel all ' just cupboard and bed' ! (and the doors are a bit bland).

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noddyholder Sun 11-Jul-10 14:41:22

I love fitted wardrobes not the dreadful off the shelf things but bespoke simple storage floor to ceiling is stunning if done well.Much better storage than freestanding although in large houses individual pieces can look this

NoseyNooNoo Sun 11-Jul-10 17:38:56

noddy - that's exactly the style I want in our new house - will have to raid the piggy bank!

noddyholder Sun 11-Jul-10 18:00:58

Me too!Will be mdf i think grin

sue52 Sun 11-Jul-10 21:29:12

If I viewed a house that had fitted wardrobes, I would factor in the cost of ripping them out, possibly replastering any damage to walls and redecorating. I hate fitted furniture, very dull and old fashioned in my opinion.

linspins Mon 12-Jul-10 09:18:43

Noddy holder, those ones in your link look nice - probably because they don't go right up to the ceiling? It looks more like two wardrobes that have had shelves built around them. That looks tasteful - mine don't !! smile

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Funkyjunky Sun 15-May-16 22:05:42

I refurbished my house and had fitted wardrobes put in and I love them as I can put all my stuff inside without anyone noticing and everything is out of site. I had free standing before but couldn't fit everything in

midge1234 Tue 31-Jan-17 19:28:02

We have just moved into a house with 1980's fitted wardrobes, we also have a wall of fitted drawers with vanity area and then the dreaded over bed fitted cupboards and bedside tables which we don't like above our heads but they are very well made in wood but covered in a grey ugly melamine and glass on wardrobes doors. I just feel we will miss the storage and thinking of of ideas of how to change their appearance maybe moving the fitted drawers into the bed area and adding a book shelf into it, any useful ideas?

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