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Anyone had a Wickes Kitchen?

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FuriousGeorge Sun 15-Nov-09 20:11:59

That's it really.Our kitchen is about as old as me and falling apart.We saw a lovely one in Wickes today,a solid oak one painted in a Farrow & Ball sagey colour.It is half price at the minute and apparently will be in the sale next year too,so we are hoping to scrape the money together by then.Anyway,has anyone had a kitchen from them and fitted by them? We are hoping to get the fitters to do everything,plastering,tiling ect as I can't face doing it ourselves [our diy bathroom is about to enter it's 3rd year of unfinishedness,so I am aware of our limitations].

pippylongstockings Sun 15-Nov-09 20:19:18

I have a Wickes kitchen BUT it is still in boxes waiting for DP to finish the extension built last christmas wink so I am not best placed to answer your question.

However we did do quite a bit of looking and research before we bought it, and they do seem much better quality than say B&Q, Homebase etc. - we got ours on 2 years interest free credit which meant we didn't have to save.

JANEITEisntErudite Sun 15-Nov-09 20:22:20

We had one in our old house and were v pleased with it. At that time, they didn't do the fitting themselves but gave you a list of recommended local fitters. We chose one at random, got a quote and he was great.

peachygirl Sun 15-Nov-09 20:24:11

We have one and it is good. we actually won it in a competiton!

The guy who fitted it said they fitted several different shops kitchens and the Wickes one were far superior to the others.

cissycharlton Sun 15-Nov-09 20:24:27

We have one. I think they're good quality. A lot depends on how well it's fitted.

Lubyloo Sun 15-Nov-09 20:25:49

My friend has one and it is lovely. Much better quality than my Ikea one.

TsarChasm Sun 15-Nov-09 20:33:14

Our kitchen is 15 yrs old and was from Wickes. It's still in pretty good nick too.

I'd def change it now if we could afford to, but only cos I want a nice new one and we're tired of it. Basically it's still ok.

ClaireDeLoon Sun 15-Nov-09 20:38:09

I have one here - about 15 years old put in when the house was built and we recently replaced the doors, end panels, plinth, worktop etc etc and the carcasses are still in great condition.

I don't think they do the fitting, they have a list of local fitters, so that will be extra on top.

MumOfMadTwo Sun 15-Nov-09 20:38:52

We have an oak kitchen from Wickes, they came out to our house to measure and design, and the result is really good. Worth a look I think. They were competitive on the price as well with the appliances and we couldn't buy them cheaper using a price comparison website.

FuriousGeorge Sun 15-Nov-09 21:31:20

Thankyou! Your comments are really helpful.I'm just hoping we can afford it as I've fallen in love with it now,and your positive comments have further convinced me it is the right one for us.I can't do a link,but it is called 'Heritage'and a green/grey colour.

Docbunches Mon 16-Nov-09 21:21:27

We've just ordered a new kitchen from Wickes. Coincidentally, we looked at the 'Heritage Bone' (same range as the 'Heritage Grey' I think you are talking about) which I really loved, but it wasn't white enough for my liking, so we are going for plain high gloss white doors, bar handles and granite worktops.

The main reason we chose Wickes is because they were offering 36 months interest-free credit, which we jumped at the chance of taking, who wouldn't?! If you're lucky, they may still have this offer available.

HarrietTheSpy Tue 17-Nov-09 09:56:32

I know which kitchen you're talking about and I love it. Looked like great quality.

However - Wickes messed us around so much with bathroom fittings, we ended up having to cancel our order with them and rapid fire order stuff from elsewhere as the builder had already started work! It was a total nightmare. In our local branch at least customer service was dreadful.

So, I would think twice about ordering something from a big chain again, especially them, where you've got builders booked to fit the stuff etc etc. It is a real shame as the bathroom cupboard and mirror were lovely and just what we wanted.

FuriousGeorge Tue 17-Nov-09 12:07:45

Thankyou both.

Docbunches,I'd be interested to know how you get on.Are you using Wickes fitters?Thanks for the tip about the credit-we may well need it.

Harriet,thankyou too,I know exactly what you mean-we had a similar nightmare with B&Q a few years back and it has made me reluctant to use them again.I shall be on their backs from day one if we actually go ahead.

HarrietTheSpy Tue 17-Nov-09 12:12:32

Please let us know how you get on. At the prices they are quoting and given the look of the kitchen I would reconsider.

The problem we had with Wickes though was that they were saying it was their suppliers. They kept saying there was nothing they could do about it - wasn't impressed they couldn't manage it better. The guy in the store committed to delivering on a certain date but then couldn't get anyone online or at the central place where I guess they send out orders to comply. Very unjoined up, if you see what I mean. I am not sure whether any amount of pressing them would get you anywhere if they really are beholden to problems in their supply chain.

But seriously - let us know how you get on.

FuriousGeorge Tue 17-Nov-09 16:39:27

Will do Harriet.We haven't even measured up yet and I have a horrible feeling it may be beyond our means when we add on all the fitting ect.I want a range style cooker too,as our existing cooker dates from 1990 and only has 3 working rings.I love cooking but our present facilities are nightmarish.

Could I be really cheeky and ask how many units/appliances you were quoted for and roughly how much they quoted?I love that kitchen so much but daren't get my hopes up if it is really expensive.If I've got to start looking elsewhere or cutting back,I'd rather know now than in the showroom,with the salesman sitting there looking expectant.


Docbunches Tue 17-Nov-09 19:35:19

Furious, I'll definitely let you know how we get on..... our intallation will probably not happen until after Xmas, which suits me fine. Yes, we are using Wickes' own fitters.

FWIW, the 'Heritage' range is pretty much Wickes' top-of-the-range kitchen - so it'll be quite expensive I should think. That's one reason we chose a more budget-friendly option, but we are splashing out on granite worktops to hopefully make it look a bit classier!

Good luck!

HarrietTheSpy Tue 17-Nov-09 19:54:34

Sorry if my messages were misleading - we didn't actually get as far as them coming to our house to measure up as we then had the fiasco with the bathroom unit. In reality, we wouldn't have needed many more cabinets, if any, than the ones in the showroom because of the layout of our kitchen so we were reckoning on having to spend around £3,600 on the cabinets. We didn't explore the appliances as I have stuff I would reuse.

The range is their most expensive one, but I wouldn't rely on these numbers or feel bad having them come round to quote properly to you.

If it helps, I have a friend who develops properties and he is crazy about Howden's stuff. We will be looking at them too when the time comes.

CuppaTeaJanice Tue 17-Nov-09 20:01:33

We went to look at them, but the salesman was an absolute twat called called Bruce who made us wait 15 minutes with a small baby while he had his tea break, even though we had an appointment, then put the hard sell on us angry. At the end of the appointment he just wandered off and chatted to his colleague, didn't even say goodbye. And he never sent the quote to us.

We got our carcasses from B&Q in the end, with some cool doors from Howdens.

Never going to Wickes again.

FuriousGeorge Wed 18-Nov-09 08:40:55

CuppaTeaJanice-that is appalling! I worked in customer services for years and LOATHE rudeness.I'd have waked out too.

Harriet,that is really helpful,thankyou.Ours is a small kitchen and wouldn't fit much more than the display set up in it too.When I get 5 mins I will try and cost it up.I have just had a look at Howdens,but can't find any I really like as much.Whatever I decide on will have to last for the next 20+ years,so I am hoping to do it properly and not have a half finished bodge that isn't quite right.

jeanjeannie Wed 18-Nov-09 10:24:00

Dp quite often fits kitchens and really rates Wickes after having fitted several over the past couple of years. He doesn't remotely rate Howdens...he's repairing another ATM! He also thinks IKEA is quite good too - so long as you know what you're doing if you fit it yourself!

CanvasBags Wed 18-Nov-09 14:56:47

We had a Wickes kitchen a few years ago and we were happy with every aspect of it, including the follow-up customer service when a door for an integrated dishwasher was missing (which turned out to be our error - for not ordering it!)

chimchar Wed 18-Nov-09 15:47:18

is this the one?

benchmarx is the trade only company that supply wicks...i asked them to price up a kitchen, which worked out at about 1/3 of the price of wickes, and that was before any negotiation..

you do need to be trade, but the guy on the phone told me that as far as he was concerned, we were renovating a house, and there fore were "property developers" and so able to qualify as trade customers!


FuriousGeorge Wed 18-Nov-09 18:51:19

Thankyou Jeanjeanie,CanvasBags and Chimchar.

Chimchar-that's the one.I'm gutted that our nearest branch is about 90 miles away though,but I'll get some prices from them anyway,it may be useful for negotiating with.Thankyou.

HarrietTheSpy Thu 19-Nov-09 11:39:37

Cheers for that link!!! Add to favorites, add to favorites!! Will definitely take a look and see if we can get it cheaper too!

FuriousGeorge Fri 20-Nov-09 15:59:41

Well,went and got a quote this morning.Chap was very very helpful and spent nearly 1.5 hours with me.I have a couple of plans and a quote.
I have a belfast sink,tap,elan 900mm range in black,12 solid oak painted units,including a dresser unit,plinths,pelmets,and a door for the boiler,Earthstone worktops and upstands,glass shelves,basically everything I really wanted if I didn't want to spare any expense.Also wanted to use their fitters.After discounts,the full price was just shy of £11,000.But the sale starts on the 18th Dec and the salesman will update it with the new prices and ring me-hopefully it will be half price.Wickes are also doing 3 years interest free credit and doing a cash back deal where we should be able to get £300 odd ofv vouchers to spend in store too.

I'm very pleased with the quote and if the kitchen goes in the sale,will probably go ahead.


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