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HappyfeetD Sun 30-Aug-20 00:20:05

Hey everyone,
We are looking to buy a property in either Bromley or Bexley. We have seen some nice houses but a bit unsure about what area is the best for buying a 2/3 bed house?
Our budget is around 450k and we have two kids (4 and 1). Our DS will be starting primary soon.
Can I please get some suggestions about :
a) which is a better Bromley or bexley
b) what are better area in both boroughs where should we look?
We need to be near good primary school as well.

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JoJoSM2 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:03:29

It’s small for a 3 bed but it’s in catchment for Raglan school one of the best state primaries in the country

Lol It looks ok but there better schools in Bromley and Bexley, never mind the rest of London or England.

Cisco2 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:24:09

Yes in your opinion - seems you have an opinion on a lot, I see you post often smile

JoJoSM2 Mon 31-Aug-20 09:25:42


Fact rather than opinion.

togetsomeperspective Mon 31-Aug-20 16:08:00

@HappyfeetD so where are you looking then?

@Cisco2 I think that place looks ok and area is decent. Really depends on what type of property OP's hoping to get for her budget. It need some work and downstairs bathroom, probably parking limited but reflected in price.

nancy75 Mon 31-Aug-20 16:32:23

There are a few 3 beds in the area around Raglan school just within your budget op. Put the postcode of the school in right over and search a mile from that On rightmove.

HappyfeetD Tue 01-Sep-20 00:38:40

Hey @togetsomeperspective We looked around Bromley, croften area and bexleyheath. The one we really liked was under offer.
Still searching smile

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HappyfeetD Tue 01-Sep-20 00:39:49

@nancy75, nice looking houses, will check those out .grin

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HappyfeetD Sat 05-Sep-20 23:02:30

All, thanks for your help. This is such a stressful task. I have shortlisted a few to go view tomorrow and am posting links below. Anyone familiar with these areas? Would you suggest one over another (areas not properties)? Thank you!!!

Thanks again all!

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JorisBonson Sat 05-Sep-20 23:11:32

First 2 look good and nice areas. Second 2 a bit close to the A2 - it's very noisy!

AnneElliott Sat 05-Sep-20 23:16:59

I'd go for Sidcup over Bexleyheath. The broadway can be a nightmare at the point the schools kick out.

And agree with everyone else about avoiding the Crays!

HappyfeetD Sat 05-Sep-20 23:28:28

Thanks alot, I am probably going to see all 4 and more inclined towards first 2.
I am a bit concerned about the safety around these areas. Are they good for raising a family?

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newyeardelurker Sat 05-Sep-20 23:29:05

Hi I'm in Bexleyheath, know there and bexley quite well but can't comment on how they compare with Bromley. The two you've linked are in quiet areas, catchment for Upton primary, which is good last I heard. They are a long way from local shops, train station. Good luck with your search.

Lightsabre Sat 05-Sep-20 23:36:48

I would also check out the noise near the A2 on the viewings. There are also a lot of pylons in the Welling area and sometimes mortgage lenders won't lend if you are within a few hundred metres of one. The Sidcup one is probably near the nicest areas and also handy for the station, shops and restaurants. Village Estates tend to over price a bit.

Lightsabre Sat 05-Sep-20 23:40:07

Also, to add, these properties are 'done up' so it would be difficult to add value. If you look at the DA15 area you can find 3 beds for between £350-£375 . There are some nice houses around the Stevens Park area of Welling in that price range.

Lightsabre Sat 05-Sep-20 23:45:04

This is a nice house for sale in the Stevens Park area for example. Sorry can't link but it's on Rightmove.

Lightsabre Sat 05-Sep-20 23:53:55

This one needs a bit of work but has a garage so scope to add value. There are several for sale on the Stevens Roads. I'd say these houses are nicer, bigger and closer to Shooters Hill/Blackheath/Greenwich than the ones you've linked to. DA16 is the postcode - Bexley Borough.

Cherubienne Sun 06-Sep-20 06:04:56

Last two are too close to the A2 in my opinion - you're likely to hear the cars. But both areas are good we've seen some nice properties there in the past. Can't speak for the first two, barnehurst & sidcup are good as far as I'm concerned but don't know specific roads x

morningbell Sun 06-Sep-20 09:12:28

Second house you linked to is in a decent part of sidcup. You are on the edge of The Hollies and excellent access to the Station and amenities around there

HappyfeetD Tue 08-Sep-20 00:53:45

Hey all thanks a lot. The above advice has been really helpful.
I liked a property near upton primary school and gravel hill school. Any idea how these are. On the government UK site Upton is outstanding and gravel is good. How much does primary school matter in selecting a property?

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Stellwagen Tue 08-Sep-20 01:09:40


I think they are both interesting names, if you go for a middle name perhaps something like 'Bypass' (I like the alliteration)

Oh rats, I think I have misunderstood another thread title. confused

I thought some celebrities just had twins or something.
Sorry OP, carry on.

HappyfeetD Thu 24-Sep-20 22:14:35

Hey guys,
Thanks a lot for all the helpful suggestions and advice. Really appreciate it. I got an offer on a property accepted on Church Road, 0.2 miles from upland primary school and Bexleyheath Station. Anyone familiar with the area and can advice about it
The crime stats and local indexes looks fine just wondering if I can get some confirmation about the area from someone who knows it well
Thanks a lot once again

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newyeardelurker Thu 24-Sep-20 23:19:35

Hi I have a child at upland primary on church Road. Am very happy with the school. I think that's a great location, easy walk to station, town centre. As you'd expect the traffic is busy at school drop off / pick up.

HappyfeetD Fri 25-Sep-20 08:33:34

Thanks @newyeardelurker, that really re-assuring smile

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Mum2b2020 Fri 25-Sep-20 17:49:08

Make sure you check out danson park. It's what drew us to the area. It has a great children's playground too. Over the past 5 years several nicer cafes and restaurants have opened on broadway and it has always felt very safe to me.

HappyfeetD Fri 25-Sep-20 18:18:00

Hey thanks alot @mum2b2020 . Will surely check it out. Any primary school recommendations?
I will be applying for year in admission for my son , first close will probably be uplands. I do understand that most good school will be over subscribed at the moment so want to see how to prioritise the list of schools for year in admissions.

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