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Do we need a joint account to get a joint mortgage

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RedheadBaba Thu 12-Jul-07 13:15:46

Am a newbie on here but hoping you guys can answer a (probably stupid) question before I have to spend half an hour waiting for the bank to answer my call.

DP and I are planning on moving house soon and want to get a joint mortgage (current mortgage is in my name only). Does it matter that we have seperate bank accounts or will we have to get a joint account?

Azure Thu 12-Jul-07 13:16:44

No, you don't need a joint bank account.

Wisteria Thu 12-Jul-07 13:17:15


RedheadBaba Thu 12-Jul-07 13:27:36

Thanks both, that really helpful to know.

Now we've just got to hope that they'll give us the mortgage amount we want

Verso Thu 12-Jul-07 13:36:43

No you don't.

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