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Bocked downpipe concreted into soakaway

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foolonthehill Mon 23-Oct-17 15:22:09 of a long list of problems I am working my way through (without much in the way of funds)

1969 property with flat roofs that were leaky but are now re-roofed and fab....but the downpipe from the garage roof into the soakaway is blocked (was probably blocked before but the leaky roof disguised it).

It is blocked near ground level, it runs through the concrete floor of the garage and as it has no outlet to the drain 2 feet away (there is a manhole) I assume runs to a soakaway but it is inaccessible.

What do I do?


foolonthehill Mon 23-Oct-17 22:51:58

Hoping someone knowledgeable can offer some advice.

PigletJohn Tue 24-Oct-17 10:34:57

how do you know "It is blocked near ground level?"

some photos might help.

foolonthehill Tue 24-Oct-17 11:16:46

I put a garden hose down from the top it stopped just above ground level and when I turned the water on the pipe filled and then leaked from the top joint. over the next couple of hours the water level fell so it is just about soaking away....but slowly through the junk at the bottom. I assume there will be a bend under the concrete level.

I'll see what I can do about pics. back shortly.

PigletJohn Tue 24-Oct-17 11:47:12

is the pipe plastic? About 3" diameter?

foolonthehill Tue 24-Oct-17 12:16:12

yes plastic 3".
feels like it bends away from the drain and towards the front of the house under the garage floor below ground level.
Judging by the state of the rest of the house no maintenance has been done since about 1985.
The pipe is inside the garage in the corner.

Ive just taken the top off and I can spin it as it enters the floor so it's not concreted in completely immovably

foolonthehill Tue 24-Oct-17 12:17:26

having technical difficulty with pics.

PigletJohn Tue 24-Oct-17 15:45:26

it would be interesting to dismantle the pipe and poke a corkscrew drainrod down it. Or might be choked with leaves or with grit. With luck it goes into a trap or gulley that can be sucked out. Loose material can be removed with a wet and dry vac. Sometimes buffoons like to pour concrete down drains to block them.

Or instead of dismantling it from the top, it could be cut, but you need to be able to insert a slip joint to reconnect it. I don't know if they are available in rainwater sizes. The first socket joint will be somewhere near ground level, but might have been concreted over. If you can dig outside the garage near the pipe, you might find it.

You could get a local drain clearance company to take a look, they will be able to poke a camera down. Many local plumbers will offer this service, or recommend someone they know.

foolonthehill Tue 24-Oct-17 16:11:36

Thank you.

dismantled pipe.... 3" pipe down to below floor level, 90 degree bend backwards under garage full of silt/leaves/muck/debris.

decided beyond my expertise and friendly local drain man came (at a price) and spent an hour using many tools and bits of my soak away is soaking away.

Thanks for all your help pigletjohn.

foolonthehill Tue 24-Oct-17 16:13:00

unfortunately unable to get camera down as hole thru the floor is only 3 inches......

let's hope it stays clear for a few years!

wowfudge Tue 24-Oct-17 16:20:31

Fit a balloon gutter guard at the top of the downpipe to stop leaves and debris from being washed down the pipe. You can buy plastic or metal wire ones quite cheaply and they stop the downpipe from getting clogged up.

foolonthehill Tue 24-Oct-17 17:59:30

good advice...thank you!

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