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Combi boiler oil fired central heating?

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BWatchWatcher Mon 12-Jun-17 13:08:28

We live in NI and have oil fired central heating. A condensing boiler was installed about 5 years ago.
I find it a complete pain in the arse. We largely do without hot water except for baths in the summer months as the heating is not on.
We would occasionally put on the immersion, everything else makes its own hot water.
We have a large hot water tank which is in a bedroom rather than the bathroom. It is placed in a way which means we can't have a bed in the room.
Can we have a combi boiler with oul fired central heating? It would mean we could get rid of our hot water tank and reclaim the bedroom.
Our children were very small when we did the initial renovations so we may not have been thinking totally straight!

Lucisky Tue 13-Jun-17 07:48:24

Yes, you can have oil fired combi boilers, no problem. But, I can't understand the problem with your hot water. We have a condensing oil boiler which heats the hot water (on twice a day for an hour each time) and it is reliable and economical, especially in the summer when the heating is off. Surely you have a control timer for your heating and hot water? If the boiler isn't heating the water properly there is probably something wrong with it.

BWatchWatcher Tue 13-Jun-17 22:33:56

Hi Lucisky,
The boiler only heats the water when we have the heating on, otherwise we have to use the immersion. I asked at the time if we could have a boiler that also heated the water and they all looked at me like I was bonkers. Apparently immersion is the way its done.

Lucisky Wed 14-Jun-17 07:20:25

Oh dear. My knowledge of boilers is limited to say the least. I didn't know boilers like this existed - what is the point?
We also have an immersion heater (although the only time we used it was when the old boiler was being replaced) and we have a timer switch on it, so again, we didn't have to worry as an hour morning and evening gives sufficient hot. I have a sneaking suspicion that the elec. used probably cost more than the oil though.
Our neighbours have an oil combi boiler, which they are happy with, and removing the tank gave them room for a built in shower in the bathroom. It also lives outside, which I am seeing more and more (rural area) and I think that's a brilliant idea.

BWatchWatcher Wed 14-Jun-17 07:32:39

Yes, it seems stupid!
Our immersion imused to be a switch which meant peopke coukd turn on the hot water for a bath and forget. The thing would grumble away for hours and no one would notice.
Now we have a thing that turns the immersion on for only an hour or so at a time.
Thanks I'm definitely going to get a quote or two for the combi boiler. It would save us a loft conversionsmile

Chasingsquirrels Wed 14-Jun-17 07:33:59

It seems very odd that you can't heat the water without having the heating on - maybe worth talking to a heating engineer about your controls?

Regardless, yes you can have an oil fired combi boiler - there are various makes and models.

There are various pros and cons of combo v conventional systems, I'm very happy with my combi.

Whatdoiknow31 Wed 14-Jun-17 07:57:48

You will only be able to have a combination boiler if you have a min 13lpm flow rate on your incoming mains. Also combinations are not recommended if you have more than one bathroom.

You should definitely be able to use your existing boiler to heat your hot water during the summer, your problem is not a boiler fault but a control issue.

As Chsing squirrels said, you need a heating engineer to instal S Plan controls. This is basically two zone valves, one for the hot water, one for the heating., each taking their control from the programmer(s) to allow individual control.

This would be much cheaper and far less hassle then a new boiler.

BWatchWatcher Wed 14-Jun-17 14:01:38

Curse, we have 2 and a bit bathrooms and dodgy water pressure.
I really want to be rid of the hot water cylinder because it projects into a room so that I can't fit a double bed in it.
I will look into S plan controls, it's the cylinder I want rid of though!

SquidgeyMidgey Wed 14-Jun-17 18:55:21

We have an external oil fired system boiler so the boiler lives in the garden and the water tank is where the old combi boiler was. Could you do that? System boiler is so much better than combi for running baths and our new shower runs off it too with fantastic water pressure.

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