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Removing / Replacing Spiral Staircase

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BoudiccasHare Sat 29-Apr-17 19:44:45

Has anyone had a spiral staircase removed and replaced with a conventional staircase?
What was the cost? Was it a major faff to get done?

BoudiccasHare Sun 21-May-17 09:53:27

Old post but bumping as we have gone ahead and put an offer in on the house with the offending staircase and it's been accepted, and I'm driving myself demented worrying about it.
I know it's super selfish but we've ended up settling on this house due to price abs location, and there's so much I don't like but the staircase is my major worry!

Beijingyouth Sun 21-May-17 13:08:38

Replacing spiral staircase is possible if there's enough space to put a straight one in.

You put in an offer on a house you don't like a lot of things about? If you're not happy with the deal you're getting then your offer surely is too high?

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Sun 21-May-17 13:11:12

not helpful but i always wanted a house with a spiral staircase.

Have you a link/floorplan, it's usually lack of space for normal stairs.

BoudiccasHare Sun 21-May-17 13:21:33

Beijing - the property has been priced low for the area (so we've been told) as it needs work, and so it's within our price range. We've been renting for years and this would allow us to get on the property ladder finally which is important to us. Living in this area also allows us to save money in other aspects so whilst I'm not totally in love with the house, it seems that these considerations outweigh the negatives of the actual property.

Tondelaya - I've attached floorplan ans dimensions.

Beijingyouth Sun 21-May-17 13:29:33

Oh you've got lots of room for regular stairs. It's a nice layout! Good luck.

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Mon 22-May-17 18:14:42

i think it'd take too much room to put normal stairs in're going to lose at least 3 feet from the end of the sitting room, not sure how long the stairs will be either, (higher ceiling height means more stairs and more length). Also you'll have to move the kitchen/living room door as the bottom of the stairs will probably get in the way

Door moving aside, you could make a cosy nook under the stairs for the sofa or a nice squishy chair sort of thing, or even make an officey work area maybe. Perhaps even a really big cupboard??

Can you really not live with the spiral??

BoudiccasHare Mon 22-May-17 18:30:38

We've been giving consideration to a smaller wooden staircase, like the attached. Staircases like those would allow us some storage space which there isn't much of in the house. I take it we wouldn't lose too much space there.

To be completely honest I simply can not live with the spiral. We rented a property with a similar staircase in and it was awful - a total nightmare to get furniture up and down, washing and other things. I can't imagine going up and down carrying our baby sleep deprived. Or teaching her to walk up and down them.

BoudiccasHare Mon 22-May-17 18:36:39

We are visiting the property on Wednesday with a handyman who we hope will be able to tell us what's possible - but I'm not sure what to ask them for to provide us a proper staircase without us losing too much space. I wonder if we are asking for too much!

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Mon 22-May-17 20:03:35

I hope you come up with something...I like the white stairs best from the pics you have posted

You could have a look on Pinterest and see what's on can be full of good ideas

WhatIfWhatIf Mon 22-May-17 23:42:42

What's the current staircase made of? I know someone who sold a black iron (I think) one from their house on eBay. People who bought it not only paid for it but they also took it away - one less job to pay a builder to do...

BoudiccasHare Tue 23-May-17 09:01:55

It's metal with red carpeted steps. I can't imagine anyone paying for it!!

fabulousathome Wed 24-May-17 02:07:23

A scrap metal yard might pay you for the metal?

fluttershyby Thu 25-May-17 07:25:18

This is the same style house I'm living in at the moment. I'm not sure there would be space for other stairs unless you lose room.
You get used to them, mine are a bit creaky.
You can get furniture up there with a bit of wiggling, managed to get a 2.30m x 1.20m sheet of plywood up them to divide one of the bedrooms.
I've got a storage unit from ikea under the stairs which fits perfectly, the one with the steps and boxes. Can't remember what it's called but it's in the kids dept.

SleightOfHand Thu 25-May-17 07:38:03

I like the white replacement staircase too.
I was just coming on to say about selling the spiral if it's metal, I don't think you'll have any trouble getting rid of it.

wowfudge Thu 25-May-17 07:41:46

Looking at the floorplan I'd say the original stairs were probably in between the two original reception rooms and were probably steeper than building regs now allow. Decent stairs will be worth the loss of a bit of space though.

Mrswinkler Thu 25-May-17 07:51:03

You've got loads of room you'll just lose the floor space along the long wall of the ground floor. The new staircase will in down towards the Windiw st the front of the house. Very similar layout to a house I lived in. You'll also lose small strip of landing between the spiral staircase and bedroom 1.

I'd recommend an open staircase rather than a fully boxed in one. In my old house I actually removed the handrail and balustrades to make the room look bigger. Not to Buildjng Regulations but that was my risk.

Mrswinkler Thu 25-May-17 07:51:43

Or box the new stairs in and have storage space underneath.

BoudiccasHare Thu 25-May-17 09:38:56

Thanks for all the info, posts and suggestions!

We went to see the property again yesterday with someone we hope to employ to sort the stairs. He said that it's perfectly doable to put a staircase in, and marked out how much of the room we'd lose which didn't actually look like too much, given that we will have either a small space under the stairs or storage instead. I am considering leaving the stairs open but boxing them underneath as there isn't much storage space in the house currently.
He had also suggested creating a very small turn at the top of the stairs so you walk up facing the wall, and then turn to the left to steps into the landing, so we will gain more landing space upstairs (apparently) and won't lose any bedroom space. It'll also be cheaper than we anticipated which I am really pleased about.

I know it's naff but I really do not like the staircase and I'd much rather lose the space than live with it.

Now I just need to decide whether to box all of the underside of the stairs or leave some open and box a small cupboard type space up.

m0therofdragons Thu 25-May-17 15:04:46

Did he give a rough price? We're considering a property but the spiral staircase is narrow and I'm worried kids wouldn't get out if there was a fire (could put a pole in 😂)

BoudiccasHare Thu 25-May-17 15:46:20

He said a staircase for £300, labour at around £300 as well, and then whatever handrails and things. He said the sky is the limit in terms of what extras you put on, but all in we'll be looking about £1,300 for what we want which is quite basic. Obviously to enclose the area underneath it would be more.

SleightOfHand Thu 25-May-17 15:57:11

Well £600 for the basic stairs and fitting sounds fine, surely though the spindles and posts won't cost over double again will it?

BoudiccasHare Thu 25-May-17 16:55:35

We are looking to get it closed in, and cupboards and shelves installed too. There will also be a little custom built turn at the top to connect it to the landing which will be slightly adjusted too.
Sorry - thought I had said that! 🙂

bojorojo Thu 25-May-17 18:20:37

If you have small children 'open stairs' are not good and the elderly dislike them too. Children can partially slip legs through them.

I think current building regs require them to be closed and if you ever intend to sell, building to the current regs protects you. Future buyers may not be impressed in the same way you are not impressed with a spiral. You need sufficient headroom because anything sub standard makes getting furniture up and down a real pain. I think a good staircase makes a big difference to the feel of "quality" in a house.

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