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Cost of impact moling under house to install new water pipe

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KimKardashiansArse Fri 28-Apr-17 08:51:19

Has anyone had this done? I would like to upgrade our water supply pipe and because the water supply is at the front of the house and the kitchen at the back we would need to do the mole drilling thing under the house. If you've had it done, what did it cost?

bluemarble Sat 29-Apr-17 23:57:29

Not under the house but I had it done for a new water supply pipe from the road under the driveway into the house, distance of about 10m, cost was £800. It was quick and easy, they did it in under a day and very little mess/disruption, I was impressed.

321zerobaby Sun 30-Apr-17 12:11:19

Are you in a terraced house?

I had a new water main but the old fashioned way. We had a leak in our water main pipe under the house. We had it capped and put in a new pipe, dug a trench down the side of the house, across the back garden (just beyond the patio) and then into the kitchen at the back. Cost a days money for a man and a digger, a few hundred I think, and then a plumber to connect it up.

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