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Porcelanosa kitchen price and reviews

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Peanuts79 Mon 10-Apr-17 17:36:01

It's been a long old haul to get to this point but now about 6 months away from our build starting. Beginning to think about kitchens, nipped into Porcelanosa today and their kitchens are stunning. I want to go in for design chat but am worried will be way outside budget, does anyone have any experience with them and would you mind sharing the cost? How did you find them?
Thank you

Lewis1959 Sat 06-May-17 22:40:37


MY husband and I decided to update our main bathroom after twenty years and visited the Porcelanosa showroom many times and were very impressed .
In January 2013, we went to the Porcelanosa showroom in Reading and purchased a vanity unit, sink basin, tap and tiles in the total sum of £3,492.29. The items were delivered on 25th February 2013. We believed that we were getting quality items that would last for many years.
The bathroom was professionally installed and tiled in May 2013 and we were very happy with the bathroom and received many compliments from family and friends.
For some time, we had been plagued by the smell of dampness in the house . We would find water in the drawer of the vanity unit. We checked to see where the water was coming out and found a growth of black fungus growing under the sink basin. When you turned on the tap, the water would go into the drawer.
We immediately telephoned Porcelanosa in Reading to inform them of the problem. They advised me to contact their After Sales Support Dept (Victoria Millson).
I sent the first email to After Sales Support on 13th March 2015.
After many emails to After Sales Support , I was informed that because I had contacted them outside of the two year warranty period, they were unable to refund or replace the damaged sink basin and unit.
I did receive an email from Ms Millson, who offered me 40% off any purchase made in Porcelanosa in the future, which surprised me bearing in mind we complained about the quality of the items purchased.
My husband and I were very surprised , as we believed that we were purchasing quality items that would last longer than two years.
We were not happy with the outcome from the After Sales Dept and decided to deal with the Porcelanosa Branch direct. We went to the Porcelanosa showroom in Watford and spoke to the Manager.
The Manager explained to my husband and I that, the fault had developed by hair being trapped at the top of the outlet. The Manager then explained that the manufacturing of the sink was in parts and at that point (out let) of the sink had a joint, where adhesive is used to join the parts., the adhesive had soften when blockage occurred. I was shocked to now know that the sink had a joint there. The joining of the two seams, seamless (invisible).
I have moved home numerous times and have had to purchase more than one sink and cannot recall any salesperson informing me that a blocked sink would cause a leak. A common blockage which has been indicated would perish the adhesive causing the two manufactured parts to come apart, surely it should not do that. It is not fit for purpose.
There was no information nor advice on the sink basin unit to say that it was made in parts and should avoid any clogging of the sink because it would weaken the joint. If I was informed that this was a possibility as described above, this sink would not have been purchased.
As a result, we are unable to use the sink and will have to replace both the vanity unit and sink basin, which we will have to pay for.
If you do choose to purchase from Porcelanosa, please be aware that you will not be getting many years of use.

p.s. I do not normally post reviews but I want to warn other potential customers,so they do not have to go through what we went through with Porcelanosa.

Peanuts79 Fri 12-May-17 12:31:29

Thank you so much for taking the time to post this. I have started my kitchen search elsewhere.

Thesofaneedsmetositonit Sat 13-May-17 18:35:30

Just popped in to agree with Lewis. You will find review after review on the internet about how appallingly dreadful they are. Definitely best avoided.

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