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Solid Laminate worktop (Zenith/Exilis)

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EJC85 Thu 06-Apr-17 21:50:58

Hello all,

We're planning a new kitchen and came across this new type of kitchen worktops called Zenith. It's an ultra slim 12.5 mm solid laminate worktop which is supposed to be waterproof.

As it is new, I'm struggling to find more info about it. I was wondering if any of you have any experience with this type of worktop and could share your impressions with me?

Is really all it promises? Where apart from B&Q could I purchase it from?

Any info would be much appreciated.

Many thanks! wink

Miniwookie Thu 06-Apr-17 23:20:00

I don't know much about it, but noticed that Wickes had it when I was in there earlier today.

EJC85 Thu 06-Apr-17 23:55:00

Hi Miniwookie, I came across it last weekend whilst in B&Q. Unfortunately they only had small slabs as samples and the lady there didn't know anything about it and when I started asking questions she fobbed me off 😕.

What did you think of them?

I think they look interesting in the pics I saw online but really want to see one in the flesh to have a better idea. On paper it ticks all the boxes for us as whilst I do like the look of Quartz worktops, they're so expensive! This Zenith seemed like a good compromise between the expensive stones and normal laminate. Only thing is it's so new it's hard to find out about people's experiences of it.

EJC85 Sat 08-Apr-17 21:07:56

Just a bit of an update in case someone is curious.

Went on a bit of a hunt for the Zenith worktops where I live today. All of the places supposed to stock these worktops (B&Q, Homebase & Wickes) did not have a proper display of the worktop for customers to see. They only have small samples! Wickes only had 2 colours available, Homebase only 1 and B&Q (they call it Exilis) was the best of them all with 3 different colours.

The lady in Wickes said they have been hugely popular and selling well but did not know much more than that.
Now the kitchen designer at B&Q (who was designing a kitchen for us this afternoon) said these worktops were pretty much a flop, having sold only 1 so far since they started stocking it about 8/9 months ago. He also said he didn't really vouch for the product and would not be recommending it to potential customers as the only one they sold was problematic upon installation due to its thickness. Something to do with how sinks and hobs had been hard to fit and customer had lost cupboard space to accommodate the worktop.

I left feeling really deflated and more confused than when I started.

Back to the drawing board of worktops it is....

QuitMoaning Sat 08-Apr-17 21:59:38

Thank you for the update as they had crossed my radar.
I shall go back to having quartz at the top of my list for now.

Mummo2 Fri 21-Apr-17 22:46:06

I am about to order Zenith worktops for my kitchen, Homebase, Wickes & Magnet sells them as well as online. I checked with my installer, apparently they are difficult to install due to them being very hard and clips for sinks are not the right size due to the thinness of the top. But doable. YouTube has installation videos that might help you decide.

EJC85 Fri 21-Apr-17 23:49:18

Hey Mummo2 would you come back to update us later on when you get it installed? I still really like it but feeling too unsure to go for it really.

Did you have any reservations about it at all? What did your installer say about it?


Mummo2 Sat 22-Apr-17 15:09:51

Hi EJC85, Of course I will tell how it goes, might take some time as it is part of a extension being built. As to having reservations, no not really. I have spent so much time reading about it, looked at them in the shops several times. I would talk to the installer though, some have never even heard of it.
I have never damaged a standard laminate worktop, my present one is solid oak and total mess around the sink. (not very good at housekeeping)
I can't afford nor justify quartz. I rather spend the money on boiling tap, waste disposal unit, underfloor heating, all that would make life better or easier (I hope), more so than a worktop.
Crikey, didn't realise how many extras are on my wishlist.
Have just found Norwegian underfloor heating website which sounds superb, so going to investigate it next. smile

Moonstar16x Tue 16-May-17 01:42:34

Hi all
These 12.5 mm solid compressed formica worktops from an installers point of view are a nightmare to install. You will go through your finest saw blades in seconds. It will cost the customer a lot more and to installers if you're using high end tools like Festool, even that could potentially burn out....expensive piece of kit to replace.

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