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Reviews of Burchell Edwards and their conveyancing

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user1471530109 Fri 24-Mar-17 17:51:57

Evening all,
I'm hoping some of you have had experience of using Burchell Edwards and their conveyancing company. I have been swayed by good reviews online for the local agents and although they have given me a very high valuation, I have been told they will cut their fees if they don't reach a price for the property that is 5% higher than another agent valued it at. I'm not entirely convinced but in theory have nothing to lose in terms of cost of fees (will meet competitor fees if price not achieved).

But, before I get the sale pitch on their conveyancing, does anyone have any personal experience? I used an estate agents solicitors in the past and they were dreadful. But I can't find any reviews for this company online (that isn't on their website!).

I don't want to make an expensive mistake! wine thanks

Blankscreen Sat 25-Mar-17 06:52:58

I would avoid at all costs. A quick look at the website and the opening hours tells me that the are a large scale bucket shop outfit.

In reality you will never get to speak to anyone other that a call handler.

Think will drive you and the o/s mad and slow down the whole process.

Companies like this often add.extras on and are as you first think.

user1471530109 Sat 25-Mar-17 09:45:55

That was my gut feeling. I just thought it odd I couldn't find any reviews anywhere?

Thank you

WillowB Sat 25-Mar-17 20:19:51

Don't do it!
We're currently buying a house that they are acting as an agent for.
I honestly believe they have virtually no interest in the house/vendor. They just want to sell us a mortgage which we have repeatedly explained we are not interested in.
Communication is awful. Have never spoken to the same agent twice.
In the future I would seriously reconsider even viewing any houses in the market with them.

user1471530109 Sat 25-Mar-17 20:41:36

Oh no! Don't say that!
The office local to me does have good reviews online confused. All estate agents are hard work

I can feel the stress levels rising and I haven't signed anything yet. I hate the whole process. How do people keep the kids from making a mess?!

Leighton928 Fri 21-Apr-17 16:41:22

For your own sanity do not use them! We are currently trying to move and are in a very small chain. Everybody is ready to proceed but Burchell Edwards conveyancing are holding up everything. Every day there is a new issue involving them and nobody can get to speak to them! Even the people using Burchell Edwards can't get answers from them! I have never known so many solicitors and estate agents blaming the same people. My advice is to use local solicitors as then you can get to talk to them, in my opinion Burchell Edwards use non local conveyencing in order to minimise costs!

PippaFawcett Fri 21-Apr-17 16:45:12

We always use a local solicitor so that we can pop into the office with documents/see someone in person etc as it speeds things up considerably. They tend to care more about their reputation as well, particularly in the social media age where word travels quickly.

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