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Anybody fancy taking on this one?

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Honeyandfizz Wed 01-Mar-17 08:59:27

Church project

Saw this beauty/ horror on Rightmove. Could be bloody amazing I reckon in a spooky gothic way. What do you think?? Would you be brave enough to take something like this on?

Bluntness100 Wed 01-Mar-17 09:02:59

Omg I'd love to do that up, but it would take so much money and time. But even then you could end up with a gorgeous home for say half a million. It could be gorgeous inside. The cemetery would be the only bit that would creep me out.

BrownEyedLady Wed 01-Mar-17 09:07:06

That it is partially completed would freak me out - why didn't they complete it? Did of the 'neighbours' object...?!

BridgeRiverTower Wed 01-Mar-17 09:10:31

I can't believe how cheap it is. I'd love it except for all the dead bodies

mrsmortis Wed 01-Mar-17 09:10:42

I'd love to get my hands on that. There is so much potential.

HiDBandSIL Wed 01-Mar-17 09:11:36

Wow that's amazing! I've never seen a church like this converted into a home. It reminds me of where I grew up. I definitely would take it on.

DramaQueenofHighCs Wed 01-Mar-17 09:13:30

If it was already finished then yes. Would love to live somewhere that unique. CBA to renovate/convert it myself though!

GinAndOnIt Wed 01-Mar-17 09:18:31

Oh wow. I would love to live there. I would find it incredibly peaceful to live in an old church - not spooky at all!

I used to live in a village where the church had been converted to a house. The owner had made a yoga studio in one area of the old church and oh my goodness, it was so utterly relaxing. That was the most peaceful yoga class I've ever gone to.

Hoppinggreen Wed 01-Mar-17 09:19:05

I know where that house is and property is quite cheap there as it's the arse end of nowhere.
It's got potential but lots of work to do and you are still stuck in Todmorden, which as German DH likes to point out sounds very similar to "death murder" in German !!

kissmewherethesundontshine Wed 01-Mar-17 09:35:08

Imagine all the spiders in there though...and the SIZE of them

whatsthecomingoverthehill Wed 01-Mar-17 09:37:48

Would cost a fortune to maintain and heat. Amazing otherwise though!

NotAPuffin Wed 01-Mar-17 09:41:03

I'd love to, if I had infinite money! What happened in the shower though?!

Scribblegirl Wed 01-Mar-17 09:42:11

Looked at that first picture and could just hear the creepy organ chord. No chance grin

user1484830599 Wed 01-Mar-17 09:43:09

What an incredible space, and what a project. That is the sort of thing that you could easily sink a couple of £100k without realising.

I think Church conversions can be VERY tricky - I love the idea of them, but the ones I've seen sometimes don't do the building justice, hiding/removing lovely features etc.

ARumWithAView Wed 01-Mar-17 10:04:24

I love the church, but the half-finished renovations look so creepy. Even if the project was abandoned for a prosaic reason* like job relocation, funding issues etc, there's something really dismal about a huge, ambitious personal project that's been abandoned. What went wrong?

* I'm being sensible, but obviously the first reason that comes to mind when you see the exterior pictures is that angry spirits rose to drive them out. Gooo awaaaaaay...

NomDePlumeReloaded Wed 01-Mar-17 10:05:01

Incredible but the 'partial conversion' is hideous, it would all need to be ripped out and started again. Looks like the vendors ran out of money/underestimated how much it would cost to do.

wonkylegs Wed 01-Mar-17 10:13:22

They so ran out of money / enthusiasm as they have had this on the go for over 10yrs and this is all they have done
It's very big and I suspect it has a fair few restrictions due to the LB consent so will take a lot of funds to turn it into a finished house

sallylondon Wed 01-Mar-17 10:21:54

It's gorgeous - but I think you could sink every penny you could lay your hands on into that project and it would still need more.

Bipbopbee Wed 01-Mar-17 10:32:08

Wow! That looks amazing.... can only imagine the £££ needed to sort it out though.... that kitchen is not attractive and what's with the stained shower??

Kiroro Wed 01-Mar-17 10:47:11

Good god no, I don't think I could ever face such a project.

Kiroro Wed 01-Mar-17 10:55:18

I expect there are some serious structural issues with the required preservation of the belltower...

wowfudge Wed 01-Mar-17 11:52:50

Money pit and listed. Lots of water penetration issues.

Honeyandfizz Wed 01-Mar-17 13:18:11

Actually conversion aside it's a magnificent building aside isn't it? Shame for it to go to ruins but blimey what a money pit & imagine the heating bills shock

Lassa Thu 02-Mar-17 02:25:36

Alarm bells...

1. Planning consent granted in 2004...listed for sale incomplete in 2017. There must be challenges to completion you're invitably going to face if you take it on --> possibly challenges which make the converison impossible?

2. Consecrated ground. I don't know anyone in their right mind who would live with tombstones in their garden. De-consecrating is a faf, red-tapey, and expensive

3. Listed building. Enough said.

4. Doesn't look like the half-finished renovation has been done well. The mould from the wall appears to be affecting the shower tiles

5. Location. Doesn't seem at all desirable to me.

So yeah...alarm bells. But fools rush in where angels fear to tread...

Wtfdoipick Thu 02-Mar-17 03:02:06

Location isn't too bad. It's an easy walk to the station which is on the line for Leeds and Manchester or Blackburn to Wigan. Convenient for the local park and local schools. Been up for sale for quite some time, I recall seeing a for sale sign about 18 months ago on it.

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