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There is a man painting my kitchen right now and I hate it :(

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RightyWho Tue 28-Feb-17 10:33:36

I have the decorators in.

I picked out a nice pale green to go well with my oak units. But the green's not pale, it's fucking vivid. And now it's all over my walls and I want to cry.

It's ruined my lovely new very expensive kitchen. It looks cheap and nasty.

I can't return the paint because it's one of those companies that makes it up for you so it's not off the shelf.

I want to cry. I hate my life.

I've wasted loads of money because it need re-doing again, immediately sad

HoldMeCloserTonyDanza Tue 28-Feb-17 10:34:53

Might it look better when it dries/two coats?

lougle Tue 28-Feb-17 10:35:13

Stop them! Now! Tell him and get new paint, then he can continue with a colour you like.

allegretto Tue 28-Feb-17 10:36:24

Tell them it's the wrong colour! I had exactly this problem - I picked out a pale blue/grey colour and after the first coat it was really strong baby blue - not what I wanted and not the colour I had picked out. I insisted they change it and they did. Speak up now you won't regret it!

Kiroro Tue 28-Feb-17 10:36:28

Yes if you really hate it stop ASAP and just suck up the cost for new paint and for him to redo the work.

DearMrDilkington Tue 28-Feb-17 10:36:36

If they made the colour up and its not correct, surely they'll fix the problem?

RightyWho Tue 28-Feb-17 10:42:53

He's only booked in for today. I can't get new paint for tomorrow, he's not here tomorrow.

I think it's too late to order new paint for today. Plus, he's doing everything else this afternoon (woodwork) so no time to repaint the walls.


NotSoHankyPanky Tue 28-Feb-17 10:46:11

Talk to the decorated and see what he thinks, can do etc. If paint colour is not what you expected return it.

ElsieMc Tue 28-Feb-17 10:47:07

Wow. Tell him to stop. I have just started a thread about decorating costs and high estimates and this has put me off further op. Tell him now.

RightyWho Tue 28-Feb-17 10:47:23

You can't return it, it's made up individually so no returns allowed.

I hate it so much.

I can't face talking to the decorator, I think I'll just burst into tears.

RightyWho Tue 28-Feb-17 10:48:13

He's just having a break waiting for this coat to dry. I'll try and have a word when he comes back in. I'll try and keep myself together. I just want to go to bed and cry.

Maudlinmaud Tue 28-Feb-17 10:49:32

Nightmare! Be brave op. Come on. Tell them you hate the colour and see what they suggest.

Hgmother Tue 28-Feb-17 10:50:22

My husband is a decorator. If you hate it, tell him. It's not the colour you picked for one. Also made up colours are hard to get right, the companies get them wrong constantly! But yeah tell him, see what he says. Fiy if you cry it might help!

Hgmother Tue 28-Feb-17 10:51:53

Also it depends what the base colour is. A lot of the time paint looks completely different on the first wet coat then the second dry one. Don't panic!

GooodMythicalMorning Tue 28-Feb-17 10:51:54

Be brave. Definitely stop it before the woodwork. Much harder to sort!

TondelayaDellaVentamiglia Tue 28-Feb-17 10:52:11

are you having the same colour on the woodwork? Ask if he would do that in something neutral, he'll surely have some white gloss in his van?

Are you sure it's the colour you asked for? Seems odd you were expecting pale and it's vivid. Have you still got the paint chart you chose it from for a compare and contrast?

ArseyTussle Tue 28-Feb-17 10:52:42

If you didn't try a tester on the wall colours can look really different from online or in the shop. This isn't said to have a go at you, this is what you can say to the decorator, that you weren't expecting it to look like that, and you don't think it looks right. He's only putting it on the walls for you, you're not criticising him, so don't feel worried about saying anything.

I know paint is expensive, but at least you love your beautiful kitchen, and paint is easily covered by other paint.

AQuietMind Tue 28-Feb-17 10:54:50

Can you get a tin of magnolia or white today and mix it with the green to lighten it up?

I'm sure it will not be a bright when dried anyway.

twinklefoot Tue 28-Feb-17 10:55:36

I reallynwould wait for it to dry it usually goes a lot lighter when dry.

KarmaKit Tue 28-Feb-17 10:55:37

It might change a lot when it dries. We painted our living room last year, chose a lovely creamy colour. It went on the walls and looked light brown. I cried. Was all set to go out and buy new paint the next day. It dried completely different, much lighter!

RightyWho Tue 28-Feb-17 10:55:40

I didn't get tester because they don't do them, they just make up the vats of what you order.

I'll have a word when he comes back.

Maudlinmaud Tue 28-Feb-17 10:58:21

What colour and brand did you use?
Any chance of a picture?
I've stopped a decorator mid job as I hated the colour, it's really not a big deal to them.

RightyWho Tue 28-Feb-17 11:01:36

Johnstone's paint it was.

I'll try and send a picture but my camera phone is rubbish

GummyGoddess Tue 28-Feb-17 11:03:56

Stop him! I didn't stop the decorator painting the bathroom in my old house and I hated it so much I rarely went in and always used the other bathroom. It sounds similar to you, was supposed to be white with a hint of green but was a hideous sea foam colour that looked almost exactly like the nasty colour it was before the refit!

MadameCholetsDirtySecret Tue 28-Feb-17 11:06:08

Don't let him finish - it will just be a bigger job to cover it. Speak to the decorator- he will probably agree with you - and work out a solution. Best of luck.

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