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Information on Hanwell please!!!

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solittletime Mon 21-Nov-16 10:08:01

I'd be really grateful if you could help me out with the googling and rightmoving, as I have never been there!
We are moving back to London from overseas and can't afford the areas we'd like to live in and used to rent in West London.
So, there is a plan for Reigate, Surrey, and I'd like to have a counter-point in West London.

Which bits of Hanwell are pretty to look at and which bits are considered rough? I'm trying to do google mapping and street view but internet is too slow!

Basically we need the usual thing everyone wants. Close to station and good schools, secondary and primary. However also really need it to be ok for young teenage girls to walk around by themselves and be fairly independent, so busy enough and close enough to shops (is there a high street?).

I take it there is a nice park/playgrounds?

Any pointers much appreciated! I keep staring at the map but it means nothing to me!

solittletime Mon 21-Nov-16 10:14:12


hanwellfan Mon 21-Nov-16 11:03:59

I’ve lived here for 10 years and love it. Bit of an essay following- only because I’ve recently done this for someone I work with who was thinking or relocating so I’ve copied and pasted….

Nicest areas are Olde Hanwell, Golden Manor and around the library, and the Hanwell bit of Northfields.

Olde Hanwell: catchment for St Marks which is a lovely community school very well regarded by parents. Houses tends to be smaller cottages/ smaller terraces but area is nice. The Fox pub is lovely!
You’d be in the catchment for Elthorne Park secondary which recently made the top UK 250 secondary schools list. IT’s OFSTED 2 rated and gets 70+ A-C GCSE. Very middle class catchment for London though which partly explains the results. They are very pupil focused, and only set for maths- otherwise all mixed ability teaching which obviously works for them but isn’t for everyone.
You could also try the Hanwell bit of Northfields- you pay more for the slightly bigger Northfields housing and would be in catchment for Fielding Primary and Elthorne secondary. Fielding is a lovely school but very big- 4 form entry. Very MC intake again.

Golden Manor/ Hanwell: some lovely primary schools. Hobbayne is extremely well regarded, and is a lovely school- 3 form entry so big, but still has open space, and some lovely new facilities. Gets good results, rated good (was outstanding under the old rating system). Results this year in literacy had a bit of a blip (apparently a marking/ scoring issue not a teaching one!) but still well above UK average. St Marks is Catholic and also recently expanded, largely down to increased demand from some parents looking for catholic education. It’s results are also excellent.

In terms of secondary there’s Drayton Manor. It was recently featured as one of the best schools in the UK to buy a house near in a daily Telegraph article… It gets brilliant results (at 68% a shade less than Elthorne, but still well above the national average and the catchment is much more mixed). Ofsted 1 rated. Value added scores are very high. It’s seen as The School to send highly academic children: the headmaster (knighted for services to education!) follows the E.Bac, runs Latin lessons in the morning etc…. It’s very strict (detentions for very moderate bad behaviours and any uniform transgressions) but it does deliver a very studious atmosphere. It puts pupils in ability groups for almost everything before GCSEs so local gossip says the very academic ones are a bit “cosseted” (the school is occasionally a bit divisive locally!) It’s had massive investment, and has amazing facilities- bespoke drama studios, music classes with keyboards and computers for all children etc. The best description is from a friend who used to teach there who says “the bones of the grammar school it used to be are still there”.

I recently visited both schools as I had to make a choice as I’m one of the lucky ones who qualifies on distance for both school and it was a nightmare choosing (I realise this is a “my diamond shoes are too tight” dilemma!) Elthorne: more weathered, facilities not as nice, pupils in sweatshirts, choir singing pop songs with guitars, great results and lovely children…. Drayton: string quartet greeting us, 6th formers in suits showing us round, also great results, presentations on how many Russell group universities children get into, amazing facilities, but a sense that a less able or behaviourally challenged child might get a bit lost and not want to do Ebac subjects. Drayton also has the best 6th form in Ealing.
There’s also Twyford school- don’t know a lot about this as I’m not Godly(!), but results wise it’s outstanding at 76%. You need a lot of church attendance to stand a chance.
Brentside school is at the Greenford end of Hanwell- much improving school results above national average, recently rebuilt so amazing facilities, specialist Arts and Drama school.

Hanwell has lots of open space: in Olde Hanwell there is the Sandy park and in Northfields there is Lammas Park. Hanwell/ Golden manor has the Bunny park which is amazing and massive and has a small zoo! Honestly, we’ve got lots of options!

Transport: Hanwell/ Golden Manor has Hanwell station or Drayton station: trains directly into Paddington take 12 mins. We’re also getting Crossrail in a couple of years time, which will impact house prices enormously- 23 mins to central London! In Olde Hanwell you’d need a bus to Boston Manor tube potentially or a walk to Hanwell train station, and Northfields has tube station.

Hanwell is near Ealing Broadway, Kew, Richmond which is good as shopping isn’t great, although some nice cafes and all the main supermarkets.

Nice roads in the Hanwell area – anywhere in Golden Manor/ Manor court road and around Hanwell Train station. Any of the poets corner roads (Shakespeare, Milton etc) although they are a bit of a rat run. Framfield Road is about 100% full of families with children at Hobbayne and has lovely allotments and a lot of street parties. Holly Park road is a quiet cul de sac.

Hope this helps!

pestov Mon 21-Nov-16 11:45:03

I can second most of the above post. Can you be a bit clearer about what you're looking for? Where exactly can't you afford and what size property are you after for what budget? Are there essentials in your search like off street parking which will rule out lots of streets? Where do you want the train to go? (I find Piccadilly line better for commuting to The City than GWR trains)

solittletime Mon 21-Nov-16 12:33:27

Wow thanks! Can't afford Chiswick, but wondering really who can!!!
Is crossrail due to open soon? fan you should have that post removed before half of London tries to move there!!

hanwellfan Mon 21-Nov-16 12:47:29

Yikes. There was a much more "edited" version I was planning to post but obviously copied the wrong bit. This will teach me not to multitask... Thank goodness I name changed!
Cross rail should be finished in 2017 with services running from Hanwell by mid to end 2018.
I do like living here- obv I would like parts of Ealing and Chiswick as well, but as you say, who can afford them?
The good thing about Hanwell is that prices are still ok (I mean by insane London standards!) It therefore gets lots of families who, if they can afford the house can't then afford private education as well which means that the local schools are genuinely socially mixed which is brilliant. Friends in pricier bits of London talk about the impact on local schools when private education becomes the default option, and it's not good.
I think prices will go up. It keeps featuring in articles about the positive impact of cross rail so we're staying put...

solittletime Mon 21-Nov-16 14:20:08

Well I was only half joking about removing your post! you'll find yourself quoted in the next 'let's move to....' feature!

solittletime Mon 21-Nov-16 14:21:06

Anyway I'm not complaining. That was really useful. Thanks!

flummoxedlummox Mon 21-Nov-16 15:35:54

I'm a born and bred Hanwellian, the bad bits? Well Copley Close and White Flats spring to mind. The Cuckoo Estate has always been seen as less desirable than Olde Hanwell and this is reflected in the price of housing and it borders Copley

All in all I think Hanwell is a good example of a many current London villages. It has its rough edge still from when it was mainly working class but the last few years has seen the emergence of middle class cafe culture.

The Broadway is still a bit run down with several fried chicken shops and and some street drinkers. As long as you don't mind that sort of thing I'd thoroughly recommend it.

solittletime Tue 22-Nov-16 07:38:12

Do you know what trains go past hanwell station? There is a house that backs on to the railway. Do all the big trains from Paddington come zooming past all the time?

solittletime Tue 22-Nov-16 07:39:16

Flummox thanks for your input btw

pestov Tue 22-Nov-16 08:16:02

At the moment you get heathrow express & connect, plus almost everything that comes out of Paddington. A few stop but many whizz through on the fast lines. Crossrail will take the place of many but you will still get the intercity out to reading and the west zoom on by

pestov Tue 22-Nov-16 08:18:54

Oh and some freight too! Houses next to the lines will be substantially cheaper. Also, if you move soon then there are plenty of Crossrail works going on - last couple of weekends there has been piledriving overnight near West Ealing which I could hear about half a mile away. Must be worse closer!

sarahnova69 Wed 07-Dec-16 13:02:24

Thanks so much for all the info above! We'd already decided to move here and have bought a good sized place in Olde Hanwell. It really is a lovely part of the world to raise a family in IMO - accessible to Central London, but better priced than Northfields or further into Ealing, family oriented and lots of lovely outdoors stuff. A walk down the canal is lovely.

another20 Sun 22-Oct-17 18:29:54

Hi All - I know this is nearly a year old - but would be really interested in any updates. What has happened to property prices in the area in the last year? Has the market slowed like central of London?

Can you tell me where the nicest areas are that you refer to ("Olde Hanwell, Golden Manor and around the library, and the Hanwell bit of Northfields") ie main roads that border /contain these areas?

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