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Who owns which Boundary/Fence and what about the one running along a public side road?

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nightvision Sat 02-May-15 01:55:29

Apparently, there is a lot of confusion as to who owns which boundary/fence in properties that have shared boundaries/fences with other properties, e.g. terraced houses (including end of terraced houses), semi-detached, etc.

I have since discovered your title deeds attached plan may indicate which boundary/fence you own by means of a ‘T’ marked on each side of a boundary line. Apparently, if the ‘T’ is inside your boundary then you own the fence that runs along this boundary.

But I live in an end-of-terraced house numbered ‘136’ in the attached title deed plan which I have changed a few details for the purpose of this post in order not to out myself. It is quite obvious from the plan that I own and am responsible for the two boundaries/fences marked with the two green arrows.

Now, it would seem that I do not own the boundary/fence marked with a red arrow that runs along ‘Side Road’. So, here are my questions:

(1)Who owns this boundary/fence marked with the red arrow?
(2)Assuming it’s the local council who own it, AIBU to ask them to contribute their share when I replace the entire fence around my property?
(3)Are they likely to agree to contribute?

Would be most interested to hear from anyone who has had similar experience.

Thanks in advance.

dotdotdotmustdash Mon 04-May-15 10:15:16

This is the best place to ask

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