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mimmymouse Mon 29-Apr-13 20:25:17

Does anyone have an experience buying a Kier home? We're seriously considering it. I'm quite sceptical about new builds and developers, but I rather like the house. It offers us a great deal more than any other house in that area on the market at the moment.

We won't be taking advantage of any "incentives" or "new buy" schemes. Old fashioned mortgage etc.

Let me know good and bad! I'm hoping it's all good....

ilikecooking Mon 29-Apr-13 20:49:52

I bought a Kier new build off-plan a few years ago.

I'd already bought a Redrow one which was DIRE and a disgrace - 300+ faults to the point where every owner totalling 300 new owners did a protest outside their Head Office with the local journalists attending.

Kier was a lot better by comparison - from memory we only had 2 things on the snagging list. The bathroom fan didn't work & the backsplash for the hob was scratched. In this day & age, that's nothing at all to worry about when it comes to new-builds.

mimmymouse Mon 29-Apr-13 21:02:26

Indeed it's not! I'm sorry about your other experience. Sounds ghastly. Thanks for the response.

Bbhm Wed 01-May-13 16:52:59

We bought a house from them last October and they left a terrible mess which they called the garden because we had verbal conversations with them rather than getting everything in writing. My advice - tape every conversation.

mimmymouse Wed 01-May-13 19:10:16

Interesting, Bbhm. They do seem reluctant to put stuff in writing!

hack86 Fri 28-Mar-14 13:38:27

My advise, although the houses are nice. The service is terrible, not a nice buying experience. The after service is worse!!!

lisawiddi Thu 17-Apr-14 11:54:11

DO NOT buy a home built by Kier. My husband and I purchased a 3 bed home from them 5 months ago.
We wish we hadn't.
We have had a faulty boiler which was omitting fumes and wouldn't turn off, we have doors that don't catch, nearly all of the windows were damaged by the builders before we'd even moved in, we have a FREEZING 3rd bedroom and despite 2 surveys (arranged by Kier) telling Kier that the heating is not sufficient, Kier are not adhering to the advice, we had marks all over the walls, we have excessive shrinkage with plaster falling from the ceilings and cracks up walls and skirting boards coming away from the walls, we have vinyl flooring in bathrooms etc and it was cut too small, then filled with silicon sealant, we had paint on the carpets, we had cigarette ends in the front and rear garden which had been left by 1 of the sales folk, we have light switches that are falling off the walls, we had leaky sinks and showers, we had a blocked downstairs toilet, the grass in the rear garden is dying because there's no soil underneath, just a load of hard-core and rubble....I could go on!!!
Considering we paid full price for this house, we're so disappointed. Their customer service team are very rude. They seem to take it very personally when you ring/email a fault through to them.
Please don't make the same mistake we did.

RachelReeves Tue 30-Sep-14 20:47:56 An entire estate built by Kier....

Gill5444 Mon 28-Mar-16 19:28:23

We are in the process of buying a kier home, the whole process was great until a couple of weeks before we were due to complete when we were told the 31 houses which have been built have faults in the screed in every property. We are now having to go into rented accommodation until it's fixed which will be God knows when. We had to keep asking kier for help funding the rental otherwise we d be homeless and they finally agreed to pay our costs but after we complete on the new house so up to now we ve had to pay out £3500 to get into a rental , we were very lucky we could get hold of that money but I bet lots of families could not. I am very upset with kier over this especially after the site manager told us not to worry kier have a duty of care to you. I hope that when the house is fixed everything else will be ok as the stress of what has happened so far has made me ill .

Kitty2586 Wed 26-Apr-17 22:03:08

Hi. If anyone wants to buy Kier homes please don't! Their houses are full of problems...we found 19 faults after we bought the house and both bathrooms have been fixed by them 3 times now and they are still leaking! The road is still in darkness as they have not sent it to the Council and have kept lying to us that they will but we just received news from the Council that that was not their intention at all and it is going to stay private and Kier keeps pushing us towards the Council and lately not even bothering to respond to our emails. We have drunks and drugs on our street as it is in dark and quite safe for them to hang around here, and it is quite scary to be honest. All my neighbours Have had similar problems with Kier and to be honest I regret buying with them...should have waited a bit longer and bought it with Barratt Homes. Please don't do the same mistake I did. If you are reading this review stay away from Kier! Not worth the trouble!

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