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Never buy a sofabed or sofa from Marks & Spencer - M&S

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DeanBeth Sat 22-Dec-12 08:42:56

We have had a Marks & Spencer - M&S Abbey Boston leather sofabed for two years. Recently the metalwork frame has failed. The part where the hinge meets the legs has bent/compressed to the point at which the bed cannot now be used.

Marks & Spencer’s service is terrible. Contrary to the sale of goods act (as confirmed by the kind people at the Citizens advice Bureau) I was told I HAVE TO DEAL WITH FIRA . My contract was with M&S not FIRA. I had a visit from the FIRA engineer, who turned up with a tape measure and stated that it must be damage not a manufacturing fault. In discussion he did however slip out. "It’s not the worst I have seen; there was one in Newquay...." FIRA duly reported that there was no manufacturing fault with the Marks & Spencer , Abbey leather sofabed.

I rang M&S to discuss this. They said that they could not help. I WOULD HAVE TO GO THROUGH THE FURNITURE OMBUDSMAN. I duly submitted a report to the Furniture Ombudsman. They waited until one day before they had to respond and stated that "on the balance of probabilities the issues that have arisen are indeed a result of an event occurring during the use of the product" From the responses I have received I do not believe that the furniture ombudsman or Fira are independent at all, they are both paid for via Marks & Spencer plus other retailers and surprise surprise the result is that they all agree with each other. I agree with the thoughts of Miles Brignall at Guardian Money (just google FIRA Furniture ombudsman not independent)

After this I measured the Metal and compared it to another M&S Sofabed (the one the Abbey replaced). this has been going strong for over 13 years. By my amateur calculations the metal is over 30% thinner, 3.1mm on the original sofabed 2.1mm on the Abbey Boston leather sofabed (This is at the point where the tube is compressed flat.). This was measured using a micrometer. This confirms my opinion that the Abbey Boston sofabed by M&S is not fit for purpose. It has been value engineered to a point where it fails.

The Abbey Boston Sofabed in my opinion is clearly not fit for purpose or as described. It has had light use(less than 12wks sleeping on), not the "Heavy Domestic Use" as it is described. I feel that M&S are trying to find fault with us, rather than admitting the poor quality and faults with the Abbey Sofabed. We have not misused the sofabed and the lack of response and interest from Marks & Spencer proves the point that M&S are trying to fob us off. In the Fira report, the engineer states that the sofabed is in A1 condition. How then can we be accused by implication of abusing the sofabed. I do not appreciate the “Frustrate and conquer” tactics that M&S, FIRA, and the Furniture Ombudsman are using against us.

Marks & Spencer has now informed me that in their opinion there is nothing else they can do. M&S are fobbing us off as many others have experienced in this forum. So I am left with a Premium Marks & Spencer Abbey Boston leather Sofabed, that cost nearly £1,700, that is unsafe to use, has less than 12wks sleeping on, that is effectively scrap. I don't expect this poor level of service or poor quality of product from Marks & Spencer. All we wanted was to be treated fairly and the sofabed repaired.

If anyone else has had any problems like this with M&S please reply to this review. As I am currently considering taking Marks & Spencer to the small claims court under my rights under the sale of goods act.

Thank you for reading this. I feel that I need support to take this action further. Can anyone help me?

TheSecondComing Sat 22-Dec-12 23:45:44

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

sleepdodger Sun 23-Dec-12 00:24:28

Twitter pr m&s will get you a reply quickley...

Viviennemary Sun 23-Dec-12 00:30:09

That is really tough. I've never bought furniture from M & S. I expect the guarantee is for a year. I'd keep on at them. And your contract is with M & S not these other folk. Try Citizen's Advice Bureau or Trading Standards.

VBisme Sun 23-Dec-12 00:33:26

Yep twitter is your friend. Go get em grin

Viviennemary Sun 23-Dec-12 00:35:13

Sorry I see you've already tried the CAB. I found this. But I expect you know but here it is anyway. Did you pay by credit card.

Lomaamina Tue 01-Jan-13 17:49:32

My sympathies. We had a problem 20 years ago with a Ligne Roset dining table bought from Heal's; a couple of year's after purchase the veneer started to lift. They sent the so called independent ombudsman, paid for by the furniture industry, who proceeded to tell us that it was a) due to damp in the atmosphere (of our lovely, dry semi) and b) all we could expect for buying 'bottom of the range' (bleeding snobbish cheek). Only when we threatened to sue them did they agree to give us a full refund.

OP if you've read this far, here's my advice: email the Chairman of M&S. He will have his own high-level team to deal with legitimate complaints:

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