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Please could you tell me about Cirencester

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richardarmitageismine Thu 01-Sep-11 13:19:54

DH and I would really like to move out of London, preferably to the west, as we have family there. But we can't seem to find a place that is suitable! Dh is adamant that he wants to carry on working in London, so we have to find somewhere which he can commute from everyday, or possibly have a flat in London, and come home at the weekends (I'm not keen on this).
So far we have looked at Tunbridge Wells, Winchester, Oxford and Bath! None of them were suitable for one reason or another. Now we're thinking possibly Cirencester - I'd be really grateful for any information as to the schools, is it possible to commute daily to London, is it friendly (we won't know anyone!), and will we really get the different kind of life we're after!
thanks in advance.

Barbeasty Thu 01-Sep-11 20:07:45

The nearest station is Kemble, which isn't far, and has an hourly service to Paddington. Definitely doable- I know a few people who do the journey.

I don't know about primaries, but Cirencester Deerpark School is Ofsted outstanding, and there's another secondary which is meant to be good. You also have the option of grammar schools in Cheltenham, Stroud and Gloucester.

It's a lovely town with some great independent shops, and you can get most things you need. If not, it isn't far to Swindon, Cheltenham, or slightly further to Bristol, Bath, Reading etc.

I don't live in Cirencester, I'm in a village between there and Stroud, but it seems very friendly when we go there.

There are some lovely villages around too. And the Cotswolds of course.

You'll definitely get your change of lifestyle.

richardarmitageismine Fri 02-Sep-11 08:37:30

Thanks Barbeasty, it does seem a lovely part of the world! My main concerns at the moment are moving dds and getting them into a decent primary school, and the daily commute for dh. I think dooor to door it will take him 2hrs!! I think this is too long, he insists it isnt. Hoping to go there this wkend to have a look around.

Mowlem Fri 02-Sep-11 21:04:39

Ciren is lovely. I live in a village about 10 miles away (but we're 10 miles from any town) and I like going to Ciren.

Both secondary schools have a good reputation there, and there are busses from ciren to the grammar schools, if that takes your fancy. Don't know anything about the primary schools I'm afraid. I live in a small market town (population 3,000 so a large village really), but if I had to move somewhere bigger, I'd happily move there.

kblue Tue 16-Oct-12 13:05:39

Hi there,
I've just searched on Cirencester and this thread came up from a couple of years ago. We too are thinking of moving to the Malmesbury or Cirencester area. Did you move? How it is going? Would you recommend? Anything you can share would be much appreciated and very useful.

loler Sun 21-Oct-12 00:36:40

Hi Kblue - and us!
I'm originally from near stroud but went to Deerpark for 6th form. I now live in the midlands. Been looking at houses in Cirencester - can't believe the prices!

I can't decide between living in Cirencester or one of the villages. The Primary schools in Cirencester don't look amazing but everyone I've spoken to says the secondary schools in Ciren and all the surround areas are all very good.

This moving business is really stressy!

likeatonneofbricks Sun 21-Oct-12 01:07:21

OP I think your DH is kidding himself re commuting! 2 hrs each way every day on a crowded train (even if there aer seats it's still tiring) will exhaust him, the best thing for that would be a town with a station in it and to live walking distance from that station.

With Ciren it's a nightmare imo as you have to change in Swindon for Kemble and then it's quite a distance from there to Ciren (by car) - I travel on that train past Swindon and sometimes in peak time it runs a bit late and people miss the connection in Swindon. If you could afford Bath it's straight 1.5hr and then a quick taxi to its suburbs, but obviously it's more expensive and you said it wasn't suitable.
Stroud has a direct train to london though not very frequent, but it's a bit specific in its character.

likeatonneofbricks Sun 21-Oct-12 01:08:55

unless of course he plans to stay in the london flat few night a week then commute to Ciren is more doable. But can't see why would you be happy with that!

kblue Wed 21-Nov-12 08:45:58

We are the the same boat Loler - and I've also drawn the same conclusion about the primary school situation in Cirencester. We are still very interested, but now also considering the villages around it too. We recently spent 3 days there and it was a really good way of getting a sense of what it would be like to live in a place - I really recommend this if you can do it. It's a fab place. My concerns are primary schools are a mixed bag, housing stock could be tricky with lots of town houses without parking or garden, need to be careful about risk of flooding in certain areas. But think all these just need further investigation to clarify.
We also explored Cricklade, Aston Keynes, South Cerney, Fairford, Lechlade - all lovely lovely places. Just can't decide if a town or more village location would be best suited for us. We currently live in London, want a lifestyle change but not sure just how far to go!
We also have Malmesbury on our list of places to look at too. Have you been? I gather that the schooling there is very good though pressure on catchment areas etc. Not as polished as Cirencester, but seems to have a good community vibe and slightly more affordable.

kblue Wed 21-Nov-12 08:47:37

Mowlem - which town are you in? Would you recommend it?

Newhallcatz Mon 17-Jun-13 13:30:41

Kblue - we are in the same position - ie moving from London to Cirencester area with 3 DC (6, 4 and 9 months). W have looked at houses in Frampton Mansell, Ampney Crucis and Oakridge Lynch - we hope to be able to use the grammar schools in due course and are considering both state and private (Beaudesert) for primary. I am finding the process quite hard and would welcome any useful experience that you have gleaned from the process. Many thanks

kayb0 Wed 19-Jun-13 15:35:01

Hi there, we're in a tiny village on the outskirts of Cheltenham and I have to commute to London roughly twice a week, it takes me about 2 1/2 hours door-to-desk and isn't an issue for me (it's not everyday though). Cirencester is lovely and there are supposed to be some very good schools in the area. Good luck!

movamum Sun 13-Oct-13 16:54:01

We have recently moved to a village near Malmesbury, and have a DD in Malmesbury Primary School and one in Malmesbury School. The latter attended a girls' grammar school where we used to live and the standard is not lower in this Comprehensive. Our DS gets a bus to Cirencester Sixth Form College. I can thoroughly recommend all three schools, and the area in general. People are very friendly and there are lots of things to do depending on interests. Our children have settled really quickly.

icravecheese Sun 13-Oct-13 20:04:31

I grew up near Cirencester (village 4 miles away) and family still lives there. I went to school in Fairford (attended fairford primary), then onto Farmors secondary (ofsted 'good' I believe). Ciren was our local town and we visited frequently - but I'd suggest looking at some of the surrounding villages too, they're all beautiful (even though I'm biased and have very happy childhood memories!). Try Fairford & Lechlade (or malmesbury, which is the other side of Ciren) if you want something larger than a village, or any of the gorgeous smaller villages (Poulton, Meysey Hampton, Quenington, Coln St Aldwyns - many have their own primary schools and many of friends lived in those villages & had parents commuting to work in London, so definitely do-able).

My dad commuted to London daily from our village (drove to Swindon and caught train from there - an hour direct I believe).

The only thing I'd say about ciren schools is - Yes, deer park is brilliant, but the other option is Kingshill (which in my day was considered rough-as! If everyone is trying to get into Deer Park, there is always risk you might get lumped into Kingshill, although I've no idea what its like nowadays).

I don't think house prices are that bad in Ciren - I now live in Salisbury, which has the grammar system, and house prices (for something nice) are horrendous (when I idly browse rightmove and see what my money could buy me where I grew up!) Although several friends do daily commute to london from here....not sure if you've already considered Salisbury? half an hour further on from Winchester basically.

Retroformica Sun 13-Oct-13 23:03:51

Kings hill has an outstanding ofsead and is THE school to go to. Deerpark is good I've heard. Not sure about the Cirencester commute. 2hours is far too long.

Have you considered living in chalford? Lots of community stuff going on and very family orientated. My friends children attend the local chalford secondary school Thomas Keble and it is very highly thought of with good grades/community. 1.5 hour commute by train from Stroud to London I think depending on which train you catch. Stroud itself is a bit mixed but the countryside is gorgeous and it seems quite an alternative area.

icravecheese Mon 14-Oct-13 10:35:44

Oh sorry - I stand corrected re: Kings Hill!
I second Chalford / Stroud area too - have family living in Slad, its beautiful (Stroud quite hippie / alternative, but beautiful countryside)

Newhallcatz Fri 18-Oct-13 21:33:44

Does anybody have any experience of Beaudesert Park School - I am looking at this as a possible school for our children moving from London. We are a very average grounded family (both parents working) who want to give our children the education offered there but wonder what the mix of family types is like - would welcome any experience?

nettlefairy Sun 02-Feb-14 18:53:22

Hello Newhallcatz - funnily enough I was discussing that very thing this afternoon as we in v similar situation to you - possibly moving to Stroud and wanting good but grounded school. My friend knows people who send their kids there and I got the impression it was quite posh! Did you visit? I'd be interested to know what your impression was...!?

ladyquinoa Mon 03-Feb-14 19:41:16

Beudesert is very old money. Wycliffe in stroud seems more normal in comparison.

Tamzine22 Sun 11-Jan-15 10:11:12

Hi all, Movamum inparticular! I know this was an old post but was wondering if you made the move to Cirencester or local area? Where did you choose in the end and how are you finding it? We're have decided to relocate there with our 2 year old daughter this spring - won't know a soul and was interested to know how it all went for you. Any information greatly appreciated!

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