7+ support thread 2018

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skal Wed 19-Sep-18 14:56:53

Hi all

I am not stealing anybody's thunder but I thought it's time now there should be a support thread for parents going through 7+ in 2018. Also, previous year's threads were combined 3+ 4+ 7+ 8+, so I thought having one specific for 7+ may be helpful.


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pretendingtowork1 Thu 20-Sep-18 06:04:34

Hello! It's all starting to seem a bit real now.... Where is your child sitting?

mugglebump Thu 20-Sep-18 09:37:46

Good luck all! I went through this earlier this year with my DS - everyone on MN was so helpful! Loving the school as well, it all seems worthwhile now.
I am also a tutor and have 2 students for KCS, 3 for Dulwich and 2 for Eltham this year. I may be more nerve wracked than the parents..

skal Fri 21-Sep-18 16:13:27

DS is doing KCS, WUS and St Pauls. We are trying not to do more than 3, so trying our luck with 7+. If it doesn't work out this time, will try again next year with 8+.

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