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Prospect House school nursery place

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user1494077751 Thu 25-May-17 18:56:15

Hi all! We received a letter from Prospect House school today offering my DS a place for nursery for autumn 2018, which also means he would get a place reception 2019. We have until June 5th to make a decision. We are also waiting for Newton Prep school to let us know only in October if they can offer him a place in their nursery and he would also get into the school automatically. Any parents here with DC at Prospect House that could offer their view? We visited both schools and really like both, but have a slight preference for Newton Prep, not any particular reason. Thank you for any opinion you can offer.

annoyinguser12345 Thu 25-May-17 20:50:39

I'd choose whichever is closer- massively important once in reception in particular.

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