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Which would you choose Manor Lodge or Edge Grove?

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Loveahotcuppa Thu 29-Oct-15 23:23:17

Hello, We have been accepted into both Manor Lodge and Edge Grove and are wondering which to go for. EG is significantly more expensive, does anyone know why and if it's 'worth it'? Also Manor Lodge felt much colder to us and the opportunities more limited. But then what do young children really need in a Primary? In fact a very valid option for us is to just go to state schools though in our area they are not very good (hence the possible stretch to Private). A common stereotype is that ML is very academic (maybe too pushy then) and that EG is not (but maybe is does push those able and the new head is making changes to this perception)? Thank you so much for your thoughts.

nightsky010 Fri 30-Oct-15 00:37:06

I think Edge Grove does well academically and the extra curricular is amazing. Tremendous school. I have heard complaints about the SEN though. I'm afraid I know nothing about Manor Lodge.

Loveahotcuppa Fri 30-Oct-15 21:31:32


ImNotChangingMyUsernameAgain Fri 30-Oct-15 22:04:08

Manor Lodge is a fantastic school. It is extremely nurturing in reception but does step things up from Year 1 and as a result gets very good results at 11+. The kids are a happy, confident bunch who take things in their stride and you will find very few Manor Lodge parents with anything bad to say about it. It is a great choice.

Loveahotcuppa Sun 01-Nov-15 23:24:44

Thank you! I've heard that Manor Lodge can be and is getting more 'pushy' and I am concerned that DC will be unhappy if all the emphasis is on academic success rather than doing your best even if that isn't the best in the class. DC is able and confident but still think Primary School should be about giving children a love of learning, chance to fail without pressure and character development. I get the impression that EG would give that more but 'impressions' are so false sometimes aren't they!

Superstar1234 Wed 04-Nov-15 04:56:25

Hi there,

There are a lot of good schools (both private and state) around the Radlett area. I think it comes down to what you really want for your child, and that all important 'gut' feeling.

Most private schools now offer free 'taster days'. Could be worth arranging one with both schools and see what your DC has to say.

I also feel it depends on what type of child you have. If they are adaptable, confident and academically driven - then I am sure they would cope well in any school you choose.

good luck!

Krama Sun 03-Apr-16 22:02:54

Loveahotcuppa, did you choose EG and if so how did you find it and more importantly did DS settle? Is it an academic/pushy school or has it got a laid back approach?

UrgentSchoolHelp Mon 04-Apr-16 03:34:09


Edge Grove A&E not very SEN friendly and will cull pupils at age 7 if they need too.

UrgentSchoolHelp Mon 04-Apr-16 03:34:42

Sodding autocorrect! That was supposed to say school!

Sarika2 Sat 15-Oct-16 17:26:23

Loveahotcuppa which one did you decide on? We are looking at these two plus radlett prep, but the no hot lunches puts me ff!

Stanmore123 Tue 18-Oct-16 00:30:43

Hi ladies I was wondering which school you picked and if you are happy with your choice. We have an offer from Edgegrove and really like the school but I have read quite a few negative comments. Please could you give me some advise on the school academics please?

Homely1 Tue 08-Nov-16 11:45:46

Hello, any one any experience of Manor Lodge vs St Hilda's please?

2kidswhatschool Tue 08-Nov-16 15:47:49

Also considering manor lodge for reception 2017. Any other words of wisdom re manor lodge? I like that they will be adding a forest school and adventure playground but feel a bit sad about the lack of extra curricular activities they offer.

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