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Muddytoes1 Mon 28-Oct-19 17:11:06

So am putting together bags, doing one each for dh and I (or is it better to have a single larger bag?). For the kids though, clothes wise do you just put in something from their current size and then just make sure you update them regularly? Apart from clothes/ nappies for baby what do people tend to include for kids? Was thinking maybe sweets or something to cheer up in an emergency? I would bring toys but not much space, maybe I’d try and bung in the iPad and charger but couldn’t keep that in there. Also with clothes do people buy a spare coat just for the bag? It’s just their current stuff is always in use and buying extra coats that they grow out of so fast just to store seems like a lot. Any tips appreciated!

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Thiswayorthatway Mon 28-Oct-19 18:44:12

What's a grab bag for?

bellinisurge Mon 28-Oct-19 19:23:54

Revise it for the changing seasons. Age appropriate Games that occupy the time that are light and don't take up space.
Like colouring books, pack of cards . Teach them some games if they are old enough- even Snap.
Cheering them up. Distracting them. Keeping them warm. Whatever works.

Muddytoes1 Mon 28-Oct-19 20:04:39

Thanks @bellinisurge! Cards is a good idea. So you reckon to change it every season? Ok that does make sense actually as summer would need suncream and stuff I think maybe I’d imagined putting something together I could just shove somewhere and forget about but as you say it will need revising regularly with seasons and I guess as they grow. Will put some basics in I guess at least will be a few less bits to grab in an emergency.

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BlackeyedGruesome Tue 29-Oct-19 22:27:08

gloves hat /sunhat sunspray
soft toy (small)
colouring/puzzle book and crayons/pen pencil/rubber sharpener
small toy(eg toy cars) small imaginery toys you sometimes get on the front of magazines.
cbeebies magazine
pants and socks
toothbrush and paste

painkillers and meds
ear buds (cheap ones will do)
google play voucher
sweets/chewing gum
gloves hat scarf/cap, sunspray
puzzle book and pencils/rubber/pens/sharpeners
pack or two of cards
pants and socks
spare toothbrush and paste

BlackeyedGruesome Tue 29-Oct-19 22:28:07

pass the pigs is a small game or travel ludo or something quite light for middling age kids.

sexesam Tue 29-Oct-19 23:23:20

I have gone for current size clothes.
Socks x2
Pants x2
Pencils with sharpener (bought in Bastins little cardboard tube with surprisingly decent sharpener in the top)
Notepad/colouring book
Cards (pairs and happy family's)
Pompom ladybird kit (found in charity shop, something a bit different and requires focus which could burn time)
Sticker book
Story book

I don't have a jumper/cardi which I should probably add and just 'sacrifice' to never being used (hopefully) and coat and shoes I would have to try and remember to grab cos I don't want to have 'wasted'/'sacrificed' of those. Maybe some cheap hard soled slippers would be better than nothing.
Thank you for the post because its made me think about adding to my bag as DD is getting older -and won't sit cuddled up in my lap-

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