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Still waiting for first period after abortion.

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Jackeve Sat 08-Apr-17 09:28:35

Hi, I had a surgical abortion 5 weeks ago and am still waiting for my first period. Have had period cramps, tender pelvic area and brown discharge for over a week but no period as such. Was searching online and came across some horror stories about how the first period was incredibly heavy and just wondered what it was like for anyone else ?
Ps. I'm definitely not still pregnant as tested negative.
Thanks xx

capercaillie Tue 11-Apr-17 21:47:13

Mine was about 6 weeks, and then the second one was a bit out on timing as well with some unusual spotting in between. From what I found out, it can take 3-6 months for periods to settle afterwards, although my third one was more or less normal. Period was no heavier than usual when it did turn up.

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