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Clearblue digital conception indicator - how accurate?

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NewhereHelp Sun 15-Mar-09 17:36:15

Hi, judging by my dates I should be nearly 7 weeks (on tues) but have just done a clearblue digital (did 2 normal pts last week which were bfp but today thought might try and confirm the date-ish) - anyway it says 2 - 3 weeks which means 4 - 5 sad

Does anyone else have any experience of how accurate these are?

Thanks x

llareggub Sun 15-Mar-09 17:41:54

I used one and it told me I was 1-2 weeks pregnant, which gave me an EDD of 28 April. The scan revealed that I was due on 12 May, so I'd say the test picked up that I was pregnant very, very early on. From threads on here I'd say not that accurate, but my dates tallied with the test, so until you have the dating scan you'll be none the wiser.

ScorpiowithabigS Sun 15-Mar-09 17:43:29

Ignore it. You are pregnant, you don't need to test anymore. If you tested during the day not first morning wee that probably accounts for it, as pg hormone takes tyime to build up at this early stage.

No more testing, you are pg, congrats!

MrsHappy Sun 15-Mar-09 17:45:35

I had a similar experience a while ago but a scan afterwards showed exactly what the doctors would expect to see for that gestation.

There are certainly a few people on MN who have had odd results and everything has been fine.

Also, if you are 7 weeks by LMP, do you know that you ovulated 5 weeks ago? If not, you might simply have ovulated later and be less far along...

Try not to worry. smile

NewhereHelp Sun 15-Mar-09 17:46:13

Thanks will save my money for babygrows and try and relax a bit smile

Poppet45 Mon 16-Mar-09 16:50:12

I'm not sure the dating part is anyway near as accurate as the yes/no bit.
That said my Clearblue digital contradicted my EDD based on last period, however it tallied spot on with what they found at the dating scan. So it can be right too!

rattling Mon 16-Mar-09 17:14:11

I panicked when I used this as it suggested I was about 2 weeks less pregnant than I knew I should be (IVF) and I'm having twins which often gives a higher HCG level than normal.

Best of luck with the trying to relax!!

nuttygirl Mon 16-Mar-09 17:18:30

I'm sure it says on the box how accurate the 'date' bit is and iirc it's only about 60 odd % accurate.

Also could be you ovulated later in your cycle.

nuttygirl Mon 16-Mar-09 17:20:53

hmm website says 92% accurate when using the first urine of the day.

lizzie1180 Thu 12-Aug-10 15:26:06

I'm 8 weeks pregnant and pretty certain about when i concieved. I did a clearblue test 2 1/2 weeks later (in the middle of the day) and it said 3+ weeks. I'm also feeling horribly sick and exhausted. I'm paranoid that i'm expecting twins. Has enyone else any experience of this?

Ba8y1 Thu 12-Aug-10 15:34:35

There have been many threads asking this in the past and the resounding opinion has always been that the conception indicator is at best inaccurate and at worst incredibly worrying! I had a result saying 3+ one evening and then 3 days later 2-3 using first urine of the day!! Ha! Rubbish rubbish rubbish! They have made many women on MN think they are in imminent danger of mc'ing as in my case the hcg level appeared to drop (I am now 15 wks pg) and I personally think they should be discontinued. Don't waste any more money on them!! Oh and huge congrats on your pg!! smile

beckie90 Thu 12-Aug-10 15:41:26

not accurate i dont think, my last pregnancy it said 1-2 weeks, but a few days later from my bloods my hcg level was coming up that i was over 5 weeks, and when i had my scan a few days later i was 6 and half weeks.
congratulations dont worry about them tests there a big waste of money

HelenMuir Thu 12-Aug-10 15:49:28

I took one today and according to my cycle (diary notes) and observations I should be 6 weeks pregnant but the conception reading I got was 1-2 weeks. I took my test at lunchtime so this could be the reason. The most important is the "pregnant" bit so I'm not worrying too much about a couple of weeks. I'm trusting my body and not a silly digital very expensive stick.

Congrats to everyone smile

beckie90 Thu 12-Aug-10 16:14:02

ye helenmuir, im the same as you, it was wrong last time, so godknows why i did one the other day, i should be bout 5-6 weeks i think and i got a 1-2 week this time again all though at 1st it looked faulty because it kept flashing 3+

Kitty1971 Sat 25-Oct-14 15:36:44

Hi just wondered are all these clear blue digital sometimes wrong as I to have the same I'm 4 weeks 2days and clear blue says 1-2 I'm convinced now this pregnancy is going to end but after reading some comments it seems other people have had the same I just wondered did all ur pregnancys turn out ok after clear blue had u at 1-2 when u were further on x

mumxof3x Sat 25-Oct-14 19:21:41

Hi kitty 1-2 means 3-4 in pregnancy terms so you are not too far out, but no I honestly do not rate them at all from my experience, the hcg variations are so wide for each week it can be hard for a test like that to judge it. The poster above you was me before I name changed. I am now, pregnant with my 4th and had the exact same 1-2 result, baby is fine and again it was wrong xx

KatoPotato Sat 25-Oct-14 19:25:27

I'm sure your hcG levels stop increasing at about 9 weeks? When the placenta kicks in?

Berry1983 Sat 04-Apr-15 11:24:07

Hello everyone
I have also had a query with the clearblue weeks indicator.
I came off the pill from January the first and my periods have been a little irregular. Around 30 to 32 day cycle.
My last period started on 18th February. I did a clearblue week Idicator test from day 29 to 33 of my cycle and got a not pregnant result. Always first urine of the day. On day 34 I got a pregnant 1-2 weeks. I had got up about 3am in the night to wee so it was only around 4 hours since my last wee. This 1-2 means I conceived around day 23 of my cycle. Is this possible? Or could I be a week further on but the test was inaccurate. I belive I conceived before day 23. Do all women have different levels of hgc? Would appreciate your help and any advice please x

Chudders2012 Sat 14-Nov-15 16:13:24

I used the Clearblue Digital test when I was first pregnant and panicked when the conception indicator still said 1-2 weeks even though I was much further along. I was convinced I was going to have another miscarriage. Then a few days later we had a scan and saw the heartbeat and everything was fine. At the time I was hunting high and low for information on the HCG levels that correspond to the different parameters on this test but couldn't find them. But this article does have them.

You can sort of work out what your HCG levels are if you've used the test, within the range given. It also says not to be alarmed if the indicator doesn't give you the date you expect. I thought I would share the article in case anyone else is in this same situation as me - I know I was in tears at the time. I think the best thing is to just test once and then try not to get tempted to test again, even though that's not easy.

EmilyTy1983 Sat 16-Jun-18 20:37:19

This is exactly how my pregnancy is progressing now, negative first and then 1-2 weeks when it should be 2-3 weeks. So worried as I’ve had an ectopic and blighted ovum already. I hope yours went ok.

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