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Developing photographs and using darkroom chemicals when pregnant - should I be concerned at all?

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daisy5 Wed 15-Oct-08 21:04:46

I've just done a few searches on the Internet and there seems to be very little information regarding this.

I'm doing a photographic course and just last night was painting emulsion on paper in the darkroom, developing film and doing some prints using the normal chemicals. I did use gloves during the emulsion painting as everyone is supposed to, but it suddenly occurred to me this morning - should I be concerned?

This course is really important to me and it means I will be in the darkroom anywhere up to 5 hours per week. Does anyone know what the risks are with the exposure to chemicals? Is wearing gloves at all times a good idea? Should I consider wearing a mask?

Am 6+4 weeks pregnant so right at the very beginning.

Many thanks for any information.

bikerunski Wed 15-Oct-08 22:24:47

I did a photography course a couple of years ago, and one of the other girls got preganant during that time. The tutor had been teaching the course for years and had had pg students before and said it was fine for her to carry on using the darkroom - see didn;t wear any kind of protective stuff. If I remember rightly, the sop bath is essentially vinegar anyway. I'd look and the H&S stuff printed on the side of the chemical bottles to be sure. Although googling "pregant photography chemicals" gave conflicting advice from various sources (mostly parenting and photography forums).

See also

[ here]]

daisy5 Thu 16-Oct-08 20:23:14

Thanks for that bikerunski - that is a great help. I did do a search but it came up with some very unhelpful stuff.

This is reassuring as while processing film I kept getting developer on my hand, and when I got home it suddenly occurred to me that this may not be ideal.

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