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OMG Heartburn from hell - Advice please

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rascal1979 Sat 15-Dec-07 11:10:19

OMG I thought I'd been suffering from heartburn but last night was horrendous! Felt like such a wimp but had to ring the MW it was so bad. Started about 7pm and lasted til gone 5am this morning - accompanied by throwing up.

It was so bad that I am now thinking there is no way I can go through labour it was sooooo bad eeekkkkblush

I was doing all the right things, sipped cooled boiled water, peppermint tea, milk and taking gaviscon but nothing was helping.... going to see my MW on Tuesday so will ask her for something stronger - any suggestions about what I can ask for/have?

Also I'm supposed to be going for a birthday meal tonight but it is Curry and not being served til you think I'd be safer to not go or am I being over cautious.... I wasn't keen on going so late anyway but now I'm terrified of a repeat of last night sad

rascal1979 Sat 15-Dec-07 12:06:15

Bump sad

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Sat 15-Dec-07 12:12:43

Are you vomiting a lot during your pregnancy? Excessive vomiting can cause little tears to the oesophagus, and combined with stomach acid, this can be incredibly painful. Certainly wouldn't recommend curry!

LiegeAndLief Sat 15-Dec-07 12:28:32

Is it definitely heartburn, ie is it actually burning in your throat or just a bad pain under your ribs? Just checking because I had epigastric pain with no other symptoms (although was also sick) which was actually pre-eclampsia but was misdiagnosed as indigestion for weeks.

If you are really suffering with heartburn you can be prescribed ranitidine in pregnancy. Might need a GP though rather than mw. Curry probably not a great idea...

Do hope it gets better, I was in a lot of pain with my "indigestion" so can really sympathise.

LiegeAndLief Sat 15-Dec-07 12:28:50

How pg are you?

rascal1979 Sat 15-Dec-07 12:34:24

I'm 31 weeks.
It was really just under my ribs.....not felt baby move this morning (been up for a coupl eof hours but I've been moving around on the phone etc...and she can be quiet at this time of the day) and my urne is quite dark....?signs of Pre-eclampsia - thought it might be cos not drank enough...

Bit worried now - do you think I should ring my mW..

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Sat 15-Dec-07 12:35:41

I wouldn't eat curry, anything spicy made my heartburn a million times worse, dry bread was good for it. I'm 24 weeks and mine is just starting so I sympathise!
LeigeandLeif, her profile says she is due in february.

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Sat 15-Dec-07 12:36:43


goingfor3christmaspuddings Sat 15-Dec-07 12:37:15

Ring your midwife to give you peace of mind.

LiegeAndLief Sat 15-Dec-07 13:02:39

Ring your mw straight away and ask her to check your bp, urine (for protein) and take blood for liver function tests. The pain under your ribs can be a sign of liver damage (can be caused by pre-eclampsia or HELLP syndrome) and this can lead to dark urine (mine went very dark) and/or pale stools.

Of course it is probably indigestion and not drinking enough! But please please get it checked out, PE can come on very suddenly and should be carefully monitored. If your bp and urine are fine ask the mw to take blood anyway as it is possible to have liver damage with no other symptoms. Do hope I haven't panicked you but I really think it's better to get it checked out. Hope all is fine.

LiegeAndLief Sat 15-Dec-07 13:05:31

By the way, despite being misdiagnosed for 2 weeks my gorgeous toddler and I are both absolutely fine - so even if it is PE don't panic!

rascal1979 Sat 15-Dec-07 13:13:28

Rung MW triage and spoken to the Dr I am under - he answered the phone!
He said more than likely all fine but has said to come down and he can check me over and make sure all okay. So I'm off to get checked out - Feel a little silly as though I'm overreacting BUT would rather feel silly than have anything happen to the baby ...

rascal1979 Sat 15-Dec-07 13:14:57

Thanks LeigeAndLief
All this isn't helped by the fact that my DH isn't around today or last night!

Will update when I'm back from hospital

dingdongbelgianbunsonhigh Sat 15-Dec-07 13:21:20

Hope you feel better soon - I found sippng ice cold milk helped! Each to their own!!! Good luck with pg. bb xx

LiegeAndLief Sat 15-Dec-07 13:23:15

Don't feel silly - it's always better to be sure! What a shame your dh isn't around. Hope all is well, let us know how you get on.

GoodGollyMissMolly Sat 15-Dec-07 13:30:52

Try peppermint cordial, boil some water and put some, not a lot in to a cup and fill with the boiled water. Leave it to cool and sip when needed, it worked a treat for me and I had horrendous heartburn when I was PG.

shinyshoes Sat 15-Dec-07 15:02:31

I have had terrific heartburn too, as long as all you have is heartburn Gaviscon worked for me. When I had it to the point it was painful and I couldnt breathe I asked the MW for Zantac, she said I can take but I needed to see the doc first, otherwise she could leave me a prescrption for Gaviscon, I said I'd give it a try, and so far it has worked and didnt need the doc for Zantac, although Boots said I couldn't take it if pregnant hmm. If its that bad, I'd cut out the MW and go see your G.P.

JingleBelgoHoHoHo Sun 16-Dec-07 06:07:00

hope you've had a better night, Rascal.

LiegeAndLief Sun 16-Dec-07 12:23:45

How did you get on Rascal?

jojosmaman Tue 18-Dec-07 19:52:58

Hi all! This is a message for all you amazing ladies (sep LandL!) who replied to this post from rascal. Rascal is in my cousin in law and on sat she got herself down to the hosp to be checked out and was immediately given an emergency section due to pre-eclampsia. She has given birth to a precious baby girl, just 2lb 1oz but who seems to be a little fighter already breathing on her own! Mum is also doing well all things considering but I dread to think what would have happened if she had not posted on here, tried to put it to the back of her mind. I am sure she will be here to thank you as soon as she is home

Rascal- I hope you don't mind me posting but I noticed you had been asked about and thought that people might be worried! Love ya!

This only reminds you what mumsnet is for doesn't it??!

LiegeAndLief Wed 19-Dec-07 13:16:57

Thanks so much for posting, I didn't want to sound too dramatic on here in case it was nothing but I was actually very worried about her as it sounded exactly like the pain I had. I was very lucky that I had an "episode" which resolved itself slightly before I was admitted, otherwise things could have been much worse, so I always look for posts about rib pain/heartburn on here. It is often misdiagnosed.

Many congratulations to rascal and I hope her little girl is doing well and is home soon. Brilliant that she is breathing on her own already. I'm so so glad she went to hospital!!

Ledodgy Wed 19-Dec-07 13:24:19

Bloody hell! Thank God for mn eh? Congratualtions Rascal I hope you and your baby are doing well. smile

VVVExcitedAboutChristmasQV Wed 19-Dec-07 13:29:46

oh how lovely smile


Mincepiedermama Wed 19-Dec-07 13:31:49

Best wishes rascal.

Well done thread.

Magrat Wed 19-Dec-07 13:34:51

oh many congratulations grin

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