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Electric shock - 17 weeks pregnant, am scared

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Janus Wed 05-Dec-07 16:33:37

I've just had an electric shock from the bloody fairy lights. I'd trod on one and while wrapping them around the tree put my thumb in the socket and got a shock. It hurt and I could actually smell burning but not sure what burnt. Am in floods of tears now as worried I have hurt the baby. Waiting for GP to call me, anyone know anything about this? Have googled and one and only sight said every baby died. Help.

Bundle Wed 05-Dec-07 16:35:18

oh Janus, don't look at websites. Have you got someone with you, or can someone come over? Please don't worry, xxxx

Camillathechicken Wed 05-Dec-07 16:36:11

i would have thought that a small shock would not be dangerous. try not to panic.

Flame Wed 05-Dec-07 16:36:12

Oh Janus I hope the GP gets back to you soon. Are you feeling movements (if you were before)?

KittyLetteItSnow Wed 05-Dec-07 16:36:55

found this

it says ...

A very mild electric shock, for example, from an electric fence, is unlikely to hurt the unborn baby. However, it is always a good idea to contact your midwife or doctor for advice if you feel at all concerned.

HTH and hope all is OK

goingfor3christmaspuddings Wed 05-Dec-07 16:45:34

Janus hopefully you are on the phone to your gp ow if not call the labour ward and hopefully you can speak to someone straight away. If it didn't burn you or throw you back I really doubt it harmed the baby.

daisynova Wed 05-Dec-07 16:50:31

I would get myself straight to A&E honey x

Didylicious Wed 05-Dec-07 16:53:46

I doubt there is much voltage travelling through fairy lights.

I think everything will be fine. It's a good idea to see your mw, so she can listen in to baby's heart to put YOUR mind at rest!

An electric shock from say a cooker, or a vacuum cleaner could knock you unconcious, it doesn't sound like that happened. these sorts of things would take LOTS more electricity than fairy lights (some of which are even powered by batteries these days, so only 9 volts or so).

There will be a fuse in the plug of the fairy lights which, If I think correctly, will limit the voltage going into them. I doubt if you got 240 volts or anything though.

((HUGS)) hope your mind is put at rest soon.

IsawBUMPERkissingsantaclaus Wed 05-Dec-07 17:15:19

Janus, no advice, but just wanted to say hope you are ok. hope your gp gets back to you soon. maybe call nhs direct? i'm sure everything will be fine

Janus Wed 05-Dec-07 18:21:22

Thanks ladies. I have spoken to my GP who thinks if it was more like holding an electric fence than a shock that throws you to the ground, I should be fine. It did singe my thumb a little but I didn't pass out, fall over, etc, so I am going to tell myself that it is all OK. Next week I am going to try and book to see my midwife, who I haven't met yet, just to check the heartbeat. I haven't felt movements yet, which is adding to my overall paranoia. To be honest I'm a bit of a wreck at the moment, my 2 other children have just seen me in a complete hysteria which I'm not too proud of, I think I need a nice midwife to take me by the hand, find the heartbeat, and set all my worries to rest.
Thanks so much for all the quick replies and genuine kind thoughts, oh dear I'm going to cry again!

theowlwhowasafraidofthedark Wed 05-Dec-07 18:24:07

My mumu got an electric shock from the fairy lights when she was 8 months pregnant with me (now 29). She says I gave her an almighty kick in surprise, but there was no problem at all.
I hope you feel better now.

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Wed 05-Dec-07 18:24:50

where are you janus? maybe someone near you could lend you their hand held doppler?

Janus Wed 05-Dec-07 18:35:11

I've got the Summer one but it says from 21 weeks, I've had a go but haven't found anything, which of course makes me feel worse despite being 17 weeks! I think I should see a professional as I'm getting in a pickle with all this! Thanks for the thought though Paula.

PaulaYatesbiggestfan Wed 05-Dec-07 19:54:46

i really am sure it is fine
they would have you in like a shot if there were concerns

Didylicious Sat 08-Dec-07 15:13:26

Janus - any update - hope all is well ((hugs))

meepingaroundthechristmastree Sat 08-Dec-07 15:38:51

When I was 8 weeks pregnant i was on holiday with my DH - he kept telling me that my leg was buzzing. Turned out that we had been sleeping on a faulty electric blanket which was passing a current through me (the buzzing stopped when we switched it off at the plug!). It totally freaked me out as we had been there for 2 nights (plus lots of day time naps for me) before we realised!
But I now have very healthy 5 month old DD so try not to worry - and if you are worried phone the maternity ward of your hospital - I am sure they will let you come in for a scan

NAB3littlemonkeys Sat 08-Dec-07 16:20:58

I would go up to the hospital. They can find the heart beat very quickly and then you would know today that all is well.

meepingaroundthechristmastree Sun 09-Dec-07 07:58:35

Janus - is everything okay?

Janus Sun 09-Dec-07 22:23:24

Hello, thanks for all the concern. I am off to the GP in the morning for them to listen with a doppler. I'm nearly 18 weeks and don't think I've felt movement yet so am generally a bit uptight so thought it wise to organise this and just know what's going on.
I'll let you know, fingers crossed.

Janus Mon 10-Dec-07 12:25:50

All fine, what a relief. Found heartbeat, I couldn't hear it but GP could, that';s all I need to know! Thanks everyone for your help, I can try and relax again now!

meepingaroundthechristmastree Mon 10-Dec-07 20:10:23

hooray - glad you went and heard your baby

WestCountryLass Mon 10-Dec-07 21:12:09

I had an electric shock when PG, I rang my midwife and got an on call one who said that if baby was moving as per normal etc then everything would be OK. When I saw my midwife two weeks later she was not amused and said I should have gone to the ward for monitoring.

Oh, and DD is 3.5 now

mum2bmarch Wed 28-Sep-11 23:20:00

I know I'm adding to this forum 5 years on... but last night I pulled the power cord out of the socket and felt a small shock. Stupid, I know... Do you think my baby is ok???

sleepevader Thu 29-Sep-11 04:10:20

I think the best thing to do is call midwife and ask for an antenatal check either with her or on wars at hospital.

You will then know all okay 100% instead if worrying which isn't good for baby either!

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