Final days & Prep before C Section of twins

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ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 09:45:29

I know these have been done plenty, and I've gone through a fair few old threads for what to expect post section.

But it's always really nice to get fresh advise on what I should be doing in these last days before the surgery (and the coming of twins!).

It's planned for Wednesday, we have two other children, 10 and nearly 3 as well, but both were vaginal births so it's all new to me this section business

Any tips for post section, or prep before hand very welcome, thanks ladies!

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ivfbeenbusy Sun 01-Nov-20 10:17:31

I had a c section for DD and am also having twins which will be via c section. To be honest I don't think there is much I did differently although I'd recommend buying some specific post c section underwear as they are comfier and don't irritate your scar. I stayed in for 2 nights with first c section but have heard they are discharging even c section people now within 24 hours but I would make it clear to your DH/family to treat the second day as if you were in hospital ie on bed rest even if you are at home so you aren't expected to be running around after 3 children. I don't recall being that mobile on day 2 Albright we were expected to get out of bed and get our own dinner tray at meal times but day 3 was fine and then was up and about going for walks day 4 onwards. The worst bit was probably waiting to go to the loo as they give you medication the night before the c section to stop you going and it takes about 4-5 days before you can 💩 and it can get a bit uncomfortable towards the end feeling so "blocked". Also breastfeeding wasn't instantaneous they say it seems to be with vaginal births - it took about 3 days or more for milk to come in properly but being a first time mum I didn't really know that so DD lost a bit too much weight at first

How many weeks are you? X

ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 11:03:49

Hi @ivfbeenbusy, thanks so much for taking the time to respond with such an informative post. I've seen you on a multiple thread here and there, I think we are fairly close in weeks, I'll be 37 Tuesday so it's pretty much bang on for delivery for my DCDA twins. We will have four girls once these ones are here, are you having boy/girl twins yourself?

Now onto the most important issue, the poo times! Do you suggest drinking lactolose in hospital every day to help for when it comes? I'm definitely staying in hospital for as long as I can, even if they say I can go the next day there is absolutely no way with twins I'm going that soon! My midwife reassured me with twins they let you stay a few extra days and you do get a midwife for each twin so I'm taking advantage of that while I'm all broken and bruised from the surgery.

How old is your first DD? Is she back at school next week, I'm thanking God mine is, one less child around 😆

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FireflyGirl Sun 01-Nov-20 11:09:33

Hey Champoo.

I've now had two emcs after 18 and 25 hours of labour, so slightly different to elective in that there wasn't any prep as such, but some general tips:

* I was allowed to go home the next day this time - I had to stay in for 2 days with DS. At my hospital, last week at any rate, once you're in recovery, partners can only visit for an hour a day. Judging by how many times I heard the call bells, and how long it took to get my discharge sorted, most women were discharging themselves ASAP because they were struggling to manage alone. Nobody was getting any sleep! At least with DS, DH could come from 8am and hold him whilst I slept.
* I've heard it said before, and definitely found myself, the quicker you get up and about afterwards, the better your recovery.
* BUT take it easy - don't forget, it's major surgery.
* Sitting up to get in/out of bed is hard. Ask for a rope ladder, and look at getting one for home. (We've got a 4-poster, and I've got one on the mattress and one attached to the cross bar around the top. Our bedroom currently looks like some weird sort of sex dungeon blush but it makes it so much easier for me to get into and out of bed!)
* My hospital has cosleeper cots, which are easier to get baby into and out of after your operation. Worth asking.
* TMI - I didn't go to toilet for a week after the operation, and I am pretty sure that contributed to the water infection I currently have. When you're being discharged, ask for lactulose, get some prune juice in, and if you haven't been after a couple of days speak to your gp!
* You'll need clothes that completely avoid the wound - I'm currently wearing pants and joggers which are a couple of sizes too big, dresses, or maternity trousers.

FireflyGirl Sun 01-Nov-20 11:23:40

My midwife reassured me with twins they let you stay a few extra days and you do get a midwife for each twin so I'm taking advantage of that while I'm all broken and bruised from the surgery

I obviously haven't had twins, and I will say that someone came promptly every time I pressed the bell (as opposed to last time when I could be waiting 15-20 minutes), but they won't be sat with you all the time like your partner would be, and they may take one or both babies for an hour depending how busy they are, but honestly if my experience is anything to go by, I can see you having to try to manage both babies by yourself, in which case you will want to be at home, where you can get help.

It could be they will do more for you with having twins, but I'd hate for you to go in expecting lots of help, only to be left to it and not have had chance to plan for that!

ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 11:30:50

Hey @FireflyGirl 👋 I can't believe your little boy is over a week old now. I knew one of my rainbow mums would give me some good tips 💜. Ok so I have loads of lactulose from when it was prescribed to my partner a few years back and they gave him an obscene amount when he only ended up using a few sachets. So I've told him to put a handful into my case. Do you think it's worth starting them today? Or as they give you meds to stop the bowels no point until after the section?

Goodness I can just imagine the constant bells ringing, and the short staffing issues, you must of just been like 'get me out of here!'. If it was a single I will do the same but they have advised me I'll be in for at least 48 hours, they are also only going to be 5 pounds ish. But my mum is here and she was a nurse so if I'm allowed to go after 2/3 days and it's a bit hellish then I will take your advise and get out of there, she will be home with my partner to look after me so I'm well catered for.

I've got 3 nightdresses and huge pants, like size 22 and I'm usually a 14, but they are definitely up to the job, v high waisted.

Did you take drinks? I breast fed my other two but I'm bottle feeding this time formula, so got pre made to take in

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SeaToSki Sun 01-Nov-20 11:32:15

My sil had a csection and said that pressing a pillow in the wound when she wanted to move around was very helpful

Apart from that my advice is all the usual stuff, load up the freezer with portions of food you can eat with one had (mac n cheese)
Have a nursing station set up with a small side table with a water bottle, snacks, tissues, chargers and a bin
Have a baby change upstair and down
Have somewhere safe from the three year old to put the babies upstairs and down
Have some small treat toys/books/activities for the three year old that you can get out if they are getting a bit iffy


peachypetite Sun 01-Nov-20 11:32:16

Just wanted to say good luck flowers

ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 11:32:29

@FireflyGirl your little girl🤦 my head is gone! Sorry about that

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SeaToSki Sun 01-Nov-20 11:32:50

On the wound, not in the wound....!

ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 11:34:20

Thanks @peachypetite 💜 I can't wait to see your update too, I check in on the thread to see if anyone's had their babies yet, especially you and a Daniella. Are you likely heading for a section now? What a time!

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peachypetite Sun 01-Nov-20 11:36:15

@ChampooPapi I’m seeing a consultant tomorrow and a bit nervous about having been told at 34 weeks baby had grown faster than expected. Hopefully tomorrow will give me clarity!

ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 11:41:04

@SeaToSki thank you for responding with your advice, I just read it out to my partner who has been turning his nose up at having 'two changing stations' 🙄. The man has had two babies already but you know men, they often think 'is this necessary' even when EVERY time it turns out, we were right and yes, yes it was.

He is game for it and bows down to your wisdom, luckily I've brought all the secondary change table bits but they need to be set up so he's going to do it later after both the snuz pods are up.

I'm thinking putting these are the end of the bed so I can physically get out and not be trapped? Probably best place for them no?

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ChampooPapi Sun 01-Nov-20 11:42:12

Obviously with the sides up and he will pass them

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FireflyGirl Sun 01-Nov-20 11:48:17

I took in a couple of Capri sun for convenience, and a drink bottle and little bottle of super-concentrated cordial, mostly because I don't drink hot drinks and am not keen on plain water.

But they would refill the water jugs often, and bring round hot drinks.

I don't know about starting the lactulose now - I don't know what drugs they give you to stop you going before a planned section. Might be worth asking your midwife?

Also, I actually found it more comfortable to sleep in my nursing chair the first couple of nights I was home rather than mess about getting into and out of bed.

FireflyGirl Sun 01-Nov-20 11:50:44

End of the bed/on his side will be the best place for the snuz pods until you can easily get into and out of bed around them. No point creating more difficulties!

ivfbeenbusy Sun 01-Nov-20 11:50:58


Yes I've been round a long time! I'm having boy/girl twins via IVF! I'm 24 weeks today

I'd check with your hospital about what you can help to sort the "blockage" if you are breastfeeding! It's top of the list on my questions next time I see the consultant 🤣

I'm hoping I don't get rushed out after 24 hours but it depends on how busy the midwives are I guess - if I feel like I'll get more support at home I'll push to leave as soon as I can 🤣 but I'm half expecting at least one will be in NICU as the girl twin is measuring much smaller than her brother

DD is 4 and yes back at school next week 🤞🤞🤞 I worked from home with her here for 5 months during the last lockdown and don't think I could do that again!

With the formula feeding I'm taking in a couple of boxes of mini sma newborn starter packs - they come as ready made up bottles with individual teats - can get them from Amazon. I'm expecting mine will come earlier than 37 weeks so I'm envisaging it might take a while to get breastfeeding established

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