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The absolute first thing you noticed

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jammyone Fri 26-Jun-20 19:13:39

Just wondered what everyone's very first early days symptoms were? The reason you considered taking a test?

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Whatinthename20 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:17:38

Shooting pain in boobs and they were veiny (never happened before)

ToManderleyAgain Fri 26-Jun-20 19:18:44

Super-human sense of smell

JustFrigginNameChange Fri 26-Jun-20 19:20:41

Missed period

CuppaZa Fri 26-Jun-20 19:20:48

Intense, sudden nausea from smells. I instantly knew I was pregnant by this, way before I took a test. I think I was 7 days late when the nausea and increased sense of smell hit

SomeoneElseEntirelyNow Fri 26-Jun-20 19:23:34

Debilitating stomach pains. It was so bad that once i had the positive test i wept like a baby because i was sure it was ectopic, or a miscarriage. Nope, constipation! DD is 8m and my guts are still a nightmare.

Hushabusha Fri 26-Jun-20 19:24:47

Brown spotting on and off like the start of my period but then it didn't start

WoollyFoolly Fri 26-Jun-20 19:25:29

Nausea. By about 8/9 days DPO every time.

Pootle40 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:25:51


Kittykat93 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:26:11

Ulcers in my mouth and extreme tiredness at 4 weeks

Pootle40 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:26:13

Oh and tiredness - falling asleep at 6pm

Yamaya Fri 26-Jun-20 19:26:30

Period type pains and... Inside labia were very dark red

MyGirlDaisy Fri 26-Jun-20 19:26:39

Spent most of the day at work running to the loo fòr a wee, very unusual, got to about 4.00 and realised hadn’t had a period for a few weeks, couldn’t wait to finish work and go pee on that stick!

Lilithpaws Fri 26-Jun-20 19:26:56

Metallic taste in mouth by third pregnancy. First and second pregnancy, Incredibly painful breasts.

xmummy2princesx Fri 26-Jun-20 19:27:30

Sickness from smells

CaurnieBred Fri 26-Jun-20 19:28:44

My boobs immediately got bigger. Couldn't fit into a bra that had fit fine a few days previously

Hopefulhen Fri 26-Jun-20 19:29:19

I had a metallic taste in my mouth about three days after I conceived.

TrickyKid Fri 26-Jun-20 19:29:27

Went off my food and felt sick.

ComDummings Fri 26-Jun-20 19:29:29

Period pains for months. I checked my knickers multiple times a day until I was about 5 months pregnant because I was certain I would miscarry at any moment due to the cramps. Also extremely tender breasts. Then not long after came the nausea and superhuman sense of smell.

Alchemila Fri 26-Jun-20 19:29:30

I took a test the first day after my period was due. I didn’t have any symptoms then (and have never really had them strongly).

Scubalubs87 Fri 26-Jun-20 19:31:31

With first pregnancy, it was my boobs. Instantly huge. This pregnancy, my sense of smell sharpened in a way it only had when I’d been pregnant. It was the reaction to smells that made me take a test.

Mixingitall Fri 26-Jun-20 19:31:51


whonosewhen Fri 26-Jun-20 19:32:51

Sore achy boobs first and then tiredness and sensitivity to smell

SisyphusAndTheRockOfUntidiness Fri 26-Jun-20 19:34:39

Insomnia. I wasn't even due my period yet. It didn't get better. (The night after I gave birth was fantastic though!)

Magpiefeather Fri 26-Jun-20 19:35:29

Enormous and sore nipples

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