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4.5 weeks pregnant with no symptoms I had miscarriage in March

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sav1233 Thu 28-May-20 08:23:37

I've just found out I'm 4.5 weeks pregnant but I have no symptoms. I had a miscarriage in March and at the start of that pregnancy I had no symptoms either. Should I be worried? Well I am worried I'm worried sick.

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Persiaclementine Thu 28-May-20 08:36:00

Symptoms dont usualy start untill after week 6, not true for everyone but majority get symptoms after 6 weeks. At this stage unfortunately if something is going to happen theres not alot you can do about it. However after a miscarage it's more likely you will have a normal healthy pregnancy. I had a miscarage in october, I had symptoms then lost them at 8 weeks, I'm now 16 weeks pregnant and havent had many symptoms throughout and didnt with my first successful pregnancy either.

Margo34 Thu 28-May-20 10:04:04

I second the PP and also MC at 8w in October. Currently 23w and the only symptoms I had were exhaustion and huge hunger, but only from around week 6/7.
The worrying never stops, by the way, but you do learn to live with it.

Rainbowchampagne Thu 28-May-20 10:09:00

Same, I did have sore boobs but I usually did before my period anyway, then they went away. At about 6 weeks is when I started feeling sick etc

I’d check my boobs were sore every day until 12 weeks and when they weren’t I was really worried!

Congratulations OP flowers

Willow146 Thu 28-May-20 10:32:27

I’m also 4.5 weeks, no symptoms here either smile

Beni07 Thu 28-May-20 10:53:18

Hello and congrats flowers
I am currently 5 weeks and no symptoms smileA lot of woman experienced lack of symptoms and is totally normal I had miscarriage 2 years ago at 10 weeks and had a lot of symptoms back then , so there is no warranty .We can only try to be positive at this stage smile

26rcw Thu 28-May-20 11:03:40


Sav1233 I’m exactly the same as you. Had a MC at 6 weeks in March and now I’m about 4.5weeks and I’m looking for signs and symptoms all day long!! I had nausea just after implantation and sore boobs but they are starting to go away now. I took another test this morning and got a strong positive line.

I think I need to chill out and relax!!

Rainbowafterthestorm Thu 28-May-20 11:11:32

I had a miscarriage at 6 weeks in January but found out I was pregnant again (17 weeks tomorrow). I had loads of symptoms with the first pregnancy up to 6 weeks (tired, sickness) then with this current pregnancy, I’ve had no sickness (only nausea) and if you asked me at the 6 week point, I didn’t feel pregnant all all, zero symptoms.... hormones are a weird thing smile

Loz123456 Thu 28-May-20 11:24:23

I shouldn't worry too much I didn't have any symptoms when I fell pregnant last year in December. then three days later after I found out, I had amiscarriage, they told me to wait to try again after I have had period which would take 4-6weeks to come, but I fell pregnant again 2 weeks after my miscarriage. i didn't know I was pregnant again until didnt get my period and my symptoms didn't start until I was about 7 weeks, which was terrible morning sickness, I'm now 22 weeks with a healthy baby boy on the was smilesmile

aleisha1989 Thu 28-May-20 15:10:37

Sorry for your loss though congratulations on your rainbow!! 🌈 I experienced no symptoms throughout my rainbow pregnancy and went on to have a healthy boy. Symptoms are just how our body responds to being pregnant, sometimes our bodies can handle it and sometimes they can't, I wouldn't be worried. You could be a lucky case like me and not experience anything or have symptoms develop later on. Congrats again, only time will tell smile

If u got fb I run a group for moms pregnant after loss

sarahc336 Thu 28-May-20 16:54:16

As others have said your unlikely to get symptoms at this point anyway, Ty ey might kick in around 5 weeks but most kick in around 6 weeks xx

sav1233 Thu 28-May-20 20:06:58

@26rcw oh wow that's exactly like me, I was 6 weeks in March and now I'm 4.5 weeks. I've taken 5 tests 4 positive and 1 negative, the negative one was the clear blue digital they are supposed to be terrible. My lines haven't been that clear though, only ever so slightly?

Congratulations on your news and so sorry about what you went through in March! It is awful.

I have 2 kids already both girls and as soon as I found out I was pregnant my symptoms started right away. I'm so worried I can't help but worry. I might go out tonight and get another test. Xx

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sav1233 Thu 28-May-20 20:08:11

Thank you so much for everyone's response, it's just such a worrying time isn't it? My pregnancy tests were all very faint. I'm hoping praying everything will be ok xxx

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